Lucky for me, Dono was able to take some time off work to come down to the Museum of the American Indian with me.  Interestingly enough we didnt really spend the time together.  It was more like we explored the museum separately to come back from time to time to discuss things we saw and thought or just to talk about our lives.  Although we did not spend the time ‘together’, it was comforting to have him there and I still felt like I was ‘with’ him.  I suppose that is what friends are all about.
I also met Dono on Craigs List.  I think our initial intent was to have something more than friendship but friendship is what seems to have come out it.  I think it is mostly my fault.  He is intelligent, thoughtful, Christian, moderately good looking and just plain nice!  He also seems to have his feet on the ground yet wants to affect the world.  Doesn’t that sound perfect??  And yet – I can tell there is nothing more than friendship although I seriously thought about whether or not I would/could pursue more.
I suppose the biggest problem is that he wants to travel to South Africa.  He wants to somehow help the people in South Africa by providing some type of mobile medical units.  A man after my own heart – someone who wants to help others in a real way.  He also wants to connect to his African roots.  That part I do not understand as I know my roots – they are squarely in Canada as I am third generation Canadian.  I have no desire to go check out my European roots.  
I know I do not want to go to South Africa which is a real block to starting anything serious.  And of course, my comments about Derrick also hold true.  I am not often attracted in a romantic way to black men.   So once again… a perfectly nice man who is likely attractive… holds no romantic interest for me.
Pretty soon he is going to head off to Mississippi to do volunteer work.  I am going to miss IMing him during work.  Ok, so we are sporadic at best in our conversation but again… a comfort to know he is just a message away.

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