Wisdom through the Ages

I went to the Museum of American Indian in DC today because I have to write a 5+ paper on the exhibitions of the museum for my history class.  I found some of the experience to be extremely moving because of the wisdom that was presented by the spiritual artifacts and teachings found within the museum.
I photographed the 7 truths or teachings of the Anishinaabe because I found them to be very relevant to my own soul searching.  The 7 teachings touch on Honesty, Love, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Humility and Respect.  They are sitting in my Photo Album.  I am sorry that all of my pictures did not come out perfectly.  I guess I will have to go back and redo them.  I think these are 7 things I need to consider daily to see if I am accomplishing them in my own life.  It is something to aspire to.
And of course there is the soul searching about my future and what that holds for me.  And naturally, the desire to look into your future and try to make the right choices in the maze that is your life is not a new concept.  I think the Tohono o’odham had the right idea in their artwork about what this experience is like.  The I’itoi Ki attached shows the 4 levels of life and the way they see the world as they attempt to see ahead into the future and choose which path to follow.
I highly recommend this museum to anyone that has interest in the American Indians or even just interest in human rights and/or spirituality.

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