Questions without Answers

At last, the homework I slated for today is basically done.  I wanted to finish up both research papers but it is too late in the evening/early in the morning to work on the second paper.
Today has left me with questions that I have no answers for.
If everybody thinks I am doing the wrong thing, is it the wrong thing?
If everybody believes that I love him, do I love him?
If I don’t catch him lying, is he lying?
When do you know when a friend has quit being a friend?
When do you know you have healed from a broken heart?
When do you know that you are on the right path?
Where is GOD?

4 responses to “Questions without Answers

  1. Hello Andria, My name is Kelly, I am from North Pole , Alaska..I don’t usually give out advice, but I feel I should say this…#1 It shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you should go with your heart, but don’t compromise yourself,, and remember you deserve the best…#2 You know love when its love, and its a feeling you will never forget..If its Love YOU will know..#3 A lie is a lie, whether you accept it or not, how much do you love yourself to always be lied too, and if you choose to accept the lies are you able to move on and forgive, without holding grudges, living in fear, and making yourself feel you don’t deserve the respect any other human deserves, you deserve HONESTY..Love isn’t lies#4 A true friend, no matter the fight, or the disagreement is always loyal, like water of a ducks back they are always able to let things go, you may not be talking now, but if they needed you tonight, and needed you very much, would you be there?#5 Broken Hearts heal with time… and wounds can reopen, its your ability to pick up the pieces, and move on, that makes it stronger ..#6 when you are at peace… pure and simple, peace with life, love and God..#7 Waiting on your next move, and always watching, waiting till you trust in HimWishing you the best, and peace in your heart, Kellywatchthestars

  2. Hey Andria,>If everybody thinks I am doing the wrong thing, is it the wrong thing?Doesn’t matter what others think, be who you are. If you think it’s right, that’s the way to go. I know sometimes my friends/family make me feel even more depressed when I talk to them about my problem. Even if you are "wrong" in their opinion, you still need to go through it to prove to yourself whether you are "right" or "wrong".>If everybody believes that I love him, do I love him?You will know it instantly when it’s love. Lust, loneliness and desparation tend to drag us to confusion in life. >If I don’t catch him lying, is he lying?I know exactly what you mean here. So my solution is, if the answer doesn’t do me any good, I don’t "need" to know. And I try to live the best I can in my situation before I am able to drag myself out of the mud.>When do you know when a friend has quit being a friend?It’s sad when a friend quit being a friend. But once a friend quit being a friend, it’s not worth your time trying to figure why or when. I would care about a friend to a certain point, if they keep making me feel as if it was my fault, it’s time to drop that friend. Good friends should support one another, no matter what.>When do you know you have healed from a broken heart?Hehehe… you know me… it took me 2 years in the past… might take a long while or never… Normally, when I feel confident being who I am, am not feeling lonely when I’m alone on Saturday night and am able to to offer my heart to someone nice, I know I’m healed.>When do you know that you are on the right path?You don’t know until you go through it. Once we find out we are on the wrong path, we won’t take it next time… I don’t think that can be taught or learn, we just have to go through it before we are able to excel. "Wrong" path to one person might just be the "right" path for others. We have to go through it to know what works for us.>Where is GOD?God heals all wounds, so I heard. I used to pray to God to take away my pain because I couldn’t take it anymore, but I keep on receiving batches and batches of pain no matter how hard I try to avoid…I used to ask myself the exact same answers you’re posting here. Now I try to focus on myself instead. Whatever I do, I only do it if that makes me TRUELY happy and comfortable, not how others think about it, not to gain someone’s approval. Imagine your fragile self is a child, and your adult self is responsible to protect and nurture that child.I hope you’ll feel better soon…. hugs,Angie

  3. Wow, I wish I had some words to help you out but I really don’t. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with having a list of questions without answers. I finding myself rather lost and am in search of these answers to these big life altering questions. It’s so hard and quite frankly I don’t know what to do about it. Like in your last post, life can be (and usually is) overwhelming. Something will point you in the right direction some how. That’s the hope that I’m holding on to. Good luck! ((hugs))~ Fat Chick

  4. Hi Andria, I’m nearly 40 and have a lot of questions of my own. I can’t prentend I know the answer to all your questions, but I can say that for the past few months I’ve been going onto this forum and so far I haven’t had any questions unanswered as yet. It’s worth giving it a go, just go to I hope I am able to be of some help to you.sarah-jane

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