An interesting kink in blogging

Today, I responded to an online ad using my MSN email.  The gentleman thought that my online name might be a famous person so googled it…. and ran into my blog.  Imagine, someone you don’t know… but might want to know, runs into your blog and now knows more than they want to know about someone they don’t really know.
Strangely, it never occurred to me that someone I know might accidentally run into my blog.  Then again, making good decisions based on good judgement has never been my strong point.  I was going to say thinking through my decisions was not my strong point but I do try to think through my decisions.  That doesn’t stop them from blowing up in the my face anyways.
So what do I do?
Say this is me and if you run into it… well you just got an eye opening experience into my inner thoughts?  This could limit my friends and dating life.  Already one of my friends has read my blog and is nervous about our conversations getting into it.   Could I be saying things that would hurt my friends and loved ones if they ran into my blog?  That I would not want to do.  And yes, I have been honest… but have I been hurtful?
Remove all mention of my online name so my email address and my blog can’t get associated with each other?  In other words, hide myself from the people that know me?  Not that hiding my thoughts is a new thing.  People call me very open but Im not.  I hide much more troublesome thoughts than I am willing to share.
"Why do one for all to see? " this gentleman asks. And I ask myself?  Why did I?  I don’t know.  Maybe I wanted some type of feeling that someone was listening.  And thanks to Angie and Fat Chick (who doesn’t seem fat), I feel like Im not totally alone on this strange path I find myself.
So I guess I will ponder if I should change things and make it more anonymous or just say… sorry… this is me.  The second one seems a whole lot braver than I probably am.

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