The Sagittarius Child

I dont really believe in Astrology but its amazing how a description of a Sagittarius fits me to a T
Personality Characteristics
If your child is born in Sagittarius he or she is intelligent, generous, and often possessive, especially of those who are loved.  A child with this sun sign is hopeful and impressionable.  He or she is quick and enterprising, demonstrative in affection, and loyal.  This individual loves liberty and will vie with anyone to obtain it.  Because of a firm belief in freedom of speech and expression, Sagittariams are opinionated and decidedly independednt in their thinking and reasoning.  If 25 people in a room agree on one point, the Sagittarius person would disagree vehemently.  These children are often rebellious, with a tendency to be indifferent to law and order, especially if it affects their individual freedom.  Their blunt characteristics often cause the people in this sign to lose friends.  The Sagittarius child has a religious, philosophical, and psychological outlook on life.  A Sagittarius child loves people and tries to understand the.  The sign’s sympathetic and methodical nature is well developed.  Sagittarius is inquisitive and witty and has a penetrating mind.
Constitionally this child is strong, but when his health is afflicted it usually comes from overactivity, excessive worry, and frustration over inability to solve problems.  The Sagittarius child is a lover of beauty, above all the beauty of knowledge.  These children take short cuts in almost everything they do.  Often they get lost in petty details and forego the big things.  This child is noble, sentimental, and impulsive, tactless and undiplomatic, but Sagittarius loves deeply and is usually artistic and refined.
The Sagittarius child needs help in learning discrimination in choosing friends, companions, and later, a mate.  Sagittarius must learn to evaluate people.  This child will have a desire to help humanity, especially the unfortunate, but with a lack of discrimation may end up sympathizing with those who seek only to take advantage.  Sagittarians cannot judge people, for they have no guile.  The Sagittarius child will love nature and the great outdoors.  By understanding themselves, their talents, weaknesses,, and rebellions, their lives can be so directed that they can accomplish anything they want to do.
Talents and attributes
Sagittarians’ talents expand best where they come in contact with others, such as in instructions classes in art, education, dancing, and the ministry.  They may also enter into business deals, or be in any one of many professions, such as the law.
I think I will refrain from analyzing my current life based on this description.  I will let it just stand as a description of myself.

2 responses to “The Sagittarius Child

  1. Nice guessing on my Halloween costume!!! But, unfortunately, you were not QUITE correct!!!Paula

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