This was freaky!

So I am driving to work today when I notice a bus in the HOV lane driving in the opposite direction.  And I can hear you say… And so?!?!?!  Well… instead of the bus saying something like "Tyson’s Corner" or some such like it was flashing "Emergency. Call the police".  So I keep driving for a few minutes wondering if I should call the police.  So I did… and apparently this is common place.  When I finally got a hold of the state police they said they had received a few calls and had already notified the authorities.
That made for a bit of an interesting drive in to work this morning.  Definitely not every day that you see that.

One response to “This was freaky!

  1. That is pretty strange. One night My Prince was driving me back home and we saw a bus with flames shooting out of the back of it. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! It was driving along a busy interstate. I called 911 and within minutes a ton of police cars and fire trucks surrouned the bus.
    ~ FC

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