Its fate…

This could actually be considered freaky… but I found a language partner and he is Peruvian.  Its sad but true.  By the time I am fluent in Spanish I will have the Peruvian accent down pat because that is ALL I hear.  I kid you not.  My last three language partners were Peruvian.  My friend Neil is Peruvian. Enrique is Peruvian.  One of the guys I am dating is Peruvian.  And one of the guys I dated briefly last year was Peruvian.  I actually knew when I heard his voice that he would be Peruvian because he ‘sounded’ like he was.
So… I am off to meet Eduardo tomorrow at 10am.  Except for the fact that he lives at least 30 minutes away, he sounds like he might be a good fit.

One response to “Its fate…

  1. Yeah!  Sounds like you’ve still been active in the dating department.  I’m glad.  It’s healthy.  I’m glad to see/hear that you’re healing.  It makes me happy.
    hope all is well!  have a happy 4th!

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