The holiday weekend to this point

This was not the relaxing, hanging-out at home weekend that I thought it would be.  Far from it.  I don’t think my cat knows who I am!!
I spent Friday night at home.  I thought it was to unwind from the week.  In reality, I think it was really to prepare myself for my social life.  Saturday morning I went to meet my new language partner.  As I mentioned before he is Peruvian.  He sounds a lot like Enrique although he didn’t even grow up in the same area.  Unlike everyone else, he grew up in Arequipa and Puno so I will have a different part of Peru to learn about.  I find him fairly easy to understand.  Saturday morning we spoke primarily in English.  I am fairly certain he didn’t understand a fair bit of what I said although I didn’t know that at the time.  We agreed to meet again on Monday.  I found him easy to talk to which makes him a good language partner.
After that, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found a shower curtain to use as a ‘door’ for the closet the cat uses.  The cotton curtains was simply too hard to keep clean because the cat hair sticks to it.  This is 100% polyester which should solve that problem.  The only problem is that the curtain is too short by several inches.  I am not sure what I am going to do about that.
And finally I made it downtown to meet Neil to check out the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.  They were focusing on Alberta so we started there.  I learned more about the RCMP(think DEA, ATF, FBI all rolled into one), oil exploration, architecture and other things.  Apparently, it was a Canadian architect that designed the American Indian Museum that is part of the Smithsonian.  Go Canada!!  Because we only had two hours to check out the festival we never made it past Alberta.  I even spoke to someone who was moving from Alberta to Kitchener-Waterloo which is where I lived in Canada.  So I talked to her about what she might find there and how to search for housing.  After, we checked out the Nuestra Musica concert.  The first was a traditional Spanish guitarist from Argentina.  I enjoyed that.  It was very relaxing.  After, was Grupo Ansiedad which was from Chicago.  They played duraguense, charanga, cumbia and zapatonio.  To be honest they all seemed to sound the same and sounded fairly close to a polka.  That was my opinion and to some degree – Neils.  We moved from there to the Canadian stage and heard what I believe was Meti folk music which I hadn’t heard in forever.  So does anyone know what rabblerouser means?  I do but it appeared the audience didn’t so I assume that it is a Canadian word.
At the end of the day, I called Martin and said I was no longer interested in dating him.  I don’t think he understood how – after 2 dates – I could say he reminded me too much of my ex-husband.  But he did… and I couldn’t get past it.  Nor did I want to.  I don’t want to date someone that reminds me of my husband.  That relationship did not work out so why would I date someone that was like him?
Sunday morning I went to church, after I did a bunch of chores when I went downtown with Leo (the friend that Enrique introduced me to) to look over the rest of the Festival.  Well.. we also only finished one section – Native Basketry.  Wow!  the artistry was incredible.   We made it over to Latino Chicago but only got to listen to one group when the lightning started.  They closed down the festival.  WAAHHH!  We decided to head back home and stopped at Stacy’s Coffee Boutique for coffee then picked up some Chinese food to eat.  We spent the rest of the evening at my place talking.  We even spoke in Spanish together.
I enjoyed talking to him very much and enjoyed spending the day with him.  I am not sure the spark is there but only time will tell me that.  Without a doubt he is a gentleman and I enjoyed watching him be a gentleman to everyone.  I think we as americans (and canadians) can learn some manners from the latinos among us.  They are much more ready to say thank you to someone than we are.  He is handsome but stocky. He is a very traditional man which I have reservations about.  I am looking for a partner.  A strong man can be a partner if he is capable of compromise… just not so sure compromise is in his vocabulary.  I hope to meet with him again.
Today… I went to meet my language partner in Manassas.   He has expressed interest in more than being a language partner and I might be willing to explore more.  This is ironic because I selected his response from all the other responses to be just  a language partner.  That was all he said he wanted and I just wanted a language partner because I will have no language partners by the middle of July.  His English is worse than I thought and it pretty much forces me to speak to him in Spanish.  He doesn’t understand a lot that I say in English.  We spent some time speaking in English only, some time in Spanish only and part of the time, I spoke English and he spoke Spanish.  By that time,  I think both of us were totally tired of trying to listen and also put our own words into a different language.  It seemed easier to just speak in our own language.
Right now… I am waiting for Christopher to call me about my salsa lesson.  I have this funny feeling that I won’t be hearing from him.  If I dont… thats ok.  I got a little sunburned today and possibly a bit of sun stroke because I just about passed out during my workout and ended up ending it early because of that.  I could afford to rest a bit tonight.  I totally intend on being productive tomorrow before I head out for the picnic with my friends and to see the fireworks.

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