The fury of Mother Nature

Whew!  These last few days have been storm after storm after storm.  After every storm, you have been able to see new trees that have fallen down.  We lost at least two trees here.  One in front of my building and one further into the development.  Luckily, no buildings or people have appeared to have been hurt.  Several cars were unfortunately parked in the wrong spot.  Lucky for me… not mine although those spots are places I traditionally park in.  I just got lucky and didn’t park there.
The storm on Tuesday was something else.  Little branches were plastered against my balcony door – stuck there by the force of the rain that was literally whipping the building.  It truly looked like a hurricane had hit with the strong winds and the total deluge of water that was coming from the skies.   I don’t know if being on the fourth floor made the difference… but the fury of the storm was actually a little frightening.

One response to “The fury of Mother Nature

  1. Now I love a rainy day.. but those storms sound SCARY!  Stay safe and keep choosing the lucky parking spots!  🙂

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