My new room mate

Its true… I have a new room mate.  Her name is Harmony.  Timmie is adjusting moderately well to the newcomer and only hisses at her when she gets too close to her personal space.  My new room mate is an 8 week old kitten that will hopefully become a companion to my lonely cat.  If nothing else… it will prevent her from becoming bored with life.  That I am fairly certain of.   The other night when I came home from my date, Timmie was lying on the dining room table.  Safely out of the reach of the little kitten’s curiosity.  I actually think that Timmie is scared of her.  She must have at least 10lbs on that little guy.l
I called her Harmony because she does not shut up.  I had to drive almost 2 hours to where she used to live and of course I had the same 2 hour drive back.  She did not shut up for that entire time.  She also meowed for the entire evening. 
My only issue is that she seems to be very scared of me.  Especially my hands and feet.  I can’t figure this out.  I have never had a kitten not bond to me immediately.  I have been playing with a string with her and having her play near my feet.  I have also been keeping the string short so it is near my hands.   I have also been petting her while she is playing.  This seems to be working and she has walked right up to me a couple of times today but for the most part I can not get near her.  I suppose time will turn things around.
I put pics up for you to check out how absolutely cute she is.  She is a calico but instead of black and gold like Timmie she is grey/grey-tabby and a dusty orange colour.  Her colouring is a little unusual and not exactly what I was looking for but she is cute nonetheless.

One response to “My new room mate

  1. She is adorable!  Very few things in this world are cuter than a baby kitten.  I think she will warm up to you very quickly.  Animals can sense good hearted people and once she gets over the shock of being in a new place she will realize how lucky she is to live with you.  🙂

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