I have made a 1000 new friends

Harmony brought home a 1000 of her closest friends.  Several got to meet me last night.  Tonight will be a trip to the local PetCo to find something that I can use on an 8 week old kitten to get rid of these little friends that she brought along with her.
And now today… I am feeling a little creepy crawly knowing that these little critters are in my house.  I have never ever had a flea-infested house except for the time I lived with a friend and her seeing eye dog.   The problem was so bad we(me and my boyfriend) had to spray the whole house then strip off our clothes, take a shower and leave the house.  You could positively feel the little fleas jumping on you.  
When I had Luca we never ever had a problem with fleas in the house.  She was allergic to fleas and would chew on your skin if she was infected.  We would immediately deal with the issue and fleas would be gone.  We would also be proactive if she was going into the kennel or down to my mother-in-laws and put flea stuff on her so she wouldn’t get infected.   Watching your dog chew her skin until it bleeds is not a pleasant sight so it was better on everybody(especially her!) to be proactive rather than reactive.  

3 responses to “I have made a 1000 new friends

  1. Wow it sounds like you had quite the holiday weekend! (I decided to comment to this one instead of all of them individually.)
    Harmony is a cutie! I hope your flea problem clears up quickly! I know how awful that can be.
    ~ FC

  2. I had a flea problem a couple years ago when I aquired my kitten Lexus. My friend worked at a vet and she gave me some commercial strength bug killer that killed the fleas in all stages. I had to pack up myself and my other cat while Lex was getting her flea bath at the vet and disappear for about an hour while the spray stuff did its magic. My friend also gave me those Capstar pills for my older cat just in case he had fleas too. I had to wash everything in hot water and sweep the floors and furniture at least 5 times. But I am a bugaphob so I am sure that I over did it but (knock on wood) I haven’t had a flea prob since then!!
    Good Luck!! and Harmony is such a cutie!!

  3. ARG!  8 week kitten should be old enough for some kind of treatment.  Good luck! 

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