Back problems

For the last three weeks I have had major back problems.  I hurt my back over the July 4th weekend.  I am not sure how I did it but I have to assume that it was all the walking I did at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.  Just as I was getting over that…. I pulled a muscle getting out of my chair at work a week ago last Friday.  I had been taking it very easy because I wanted to be able to heal to go to Canada to see my family. 
Saturday we hung around the house and did absolutely nothing.  I think we just talked the entire day.  We decided to go to the BBQ that my complex was having and afterwards we went for a little walk.  The walk couldn’t have been more than 2 miles.  We got home just in time to watch the Saturday night SCI-FI flick.  During the latter part of that flick my back and leg started hurting me like you wouldn’t believe.  I took some Advil and Eduardo applied some Icy Hot.  It simply didn’t matter… it hurt like you wouldn’t believe.  I could not find a single position that was comfortable to sleep in.  I ended up sleeping on the couch so I wouldn’t wake up Eduardo.  Sunday was not a very good day pain wise but we got the chores done and hung out for the rest of day.  I lost power right when we were going to start supper.  We ended up going out to a restaurant – selection based on the comfort of the seats.  I kid you not.  We knew that I would not be able to sit on a hard wooden chair with the way I was feeling.
Today I have been taking Advil and wishing that my office chair wasn’t so darned hard!  I ended up cancelling the trip to Canada and I think that was a good decision.  My back hurts and I am still having problems with pins and needles in both of my legs.  I definitely don’t want to be driving up there and discovering that my back is hurting me part of the way up… then having to look forward to the drive back.  I will rebook the vacation later in the summer when I am feeling better.

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