Communication is important

You don’t realize how important communication is until you discover that you just don’t have the words to communicate what is in your heart.  Now I am not talking about love here.  I am talking about the things that are important to me as a person.  I am sure that both of us are in this position because I have seen him get so frustrated trying to tell me something that is important to him.  We were talking last night at supper and he was trying to tell me something.  He said it in Spanish.  I wasn’t sure what he said so I translated it literally back to him and he said I got it right.  Except for one little fact… it made no sense in English!!!!  The look on his face was priceless when I told him it make no sense and he needed to try again… for the FOURTH time… or was it the fifth?
I think the up side of our communication problems is that we can’t just listen to each other with half an ear.  When we talk to each other, we need to be listening to the other person and focusing on the conversation.  How many couples do you know that actually listen to each other all the time?  I know I have been guilty of not listening to my partner with my full attention.  If I am not listening to him, I can’t understand him and I know he has the same problem.
Oddly enough, we spend time just being quiet with each other.  I am not sure if it is because he is simply a quiet person or doesn’t have the energy to start a conversation.  I know sometimes that I don’t start a conversation because the quiet is comforting and I know that a simple conversation isn’t always simple.

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