Dear Lonely

Ok… that sucks.  What kind of person dumps their significant other while they are at work?  Where is their respect for the person they have been dating?  Or do the SOs have no idea that maybe the other person actually cares and the news might not be taken well?  What happened to doing this IN PERSON!!!!
I had a guy break up with me by calling me at home at 2am on a weekday.  Surely, he had some expectation that I needed to go to work the next day and maybe this phone call would destroy my sleep and the next day at work.  Or maybe he simply didn’t care…
Ok… rant over. 
I am so sorry that you received this news in a somewhat less than caring way.  Calling you at work is not caring no matter how nicely she words the break-up.  You didn’t ask for my advice but I will give it anyways.
Talk to a friend, your mother/father, your sister, somebody that will listen.  I am afraid that I don’t just pick up the pieces all by myself.  After Enrique, I cried on Rosi’s shoulder for an evening and in Neil’s ear for many a phone call.  Friends are invaluable for talking to or – if that doesn’t work for you – simply by spending time with them.  They fill up that empty evening that you might otherwise be spending thinking about the lost relationship.
If it works for you… write.  This blog has been really helpful in letting me organize thoughts that normally run around in little circles in my brain.  My thoughts used to just circle viciously like a tornado and I couldn’t get rid of them.  It seems that putting my thoughts and feelings in black and white allows me to sort through everything and move on.  Or throw yourself into a hobby.  Keep yourself busy but not so busy that you aren’t processing your feelings and thoughts.
I wouldn’t recommend that you date too early or at least too seriously.  I always call my first few dates – throwaway dates.  These are the dates that you are using to dip your toes back into the "chummed shark-infested waters of dating".  You probably aren’t going to be terribly interested in your dates and you are likely going to make mistakes that result in no second dates.  With any luck, you won’t meet your future soul mate during this time. 
And last but not least… I swear to you that the OSD crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I select Text for the Search Type!!! 
Your friend and co-worker… Billie

One response to “Dear Lonely

  1. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    B~I really enjoy your blog.  I like hearing about your dating experiences and your advice to others … I have a "ghost" in my life that I sometimes blog about; I’m still looking for that guy to come along that is going to exorcise him.  I think that’s what Eduardo has done for you.  Much love your way …

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