And back on track….

It has been difficult to give updates because I am just so busy after work that I am not near my computer.  I realize that I might be leaving some worried folks out there wondering what is up with me and for that… I apologize.

I was still pretty rattled on Thursday over what happened the previous night.  The primary reason is that the ‘nothing’ that I felt wasn’t because I felt nothing for him.  It was because I felt too much for him and thinking I would have to walk away from that just made everything shut down.   We have known each other for just over 5 weeks.  In some ways, I have felt like I have known him forever.  Has it really only been 5 weeks?  And I count the weeks and see that it has been.  I have too keep reminding myself that it has been JUST 5 weeks and there is still so much more to find out about him.  Despite feeling like I have known him forever, I also feel like I know very little about him.  So, on Thursday, I decided to go see him.  I helped him run some errands that he needed to do and then we just talked – as in serious talked.  I think that got us back on track.

Friday, I picked him up and we watched a movie.  We saw Tristan and Isolde.  What a fantastic movie!!!  Unfortunately it did not have the happiest ending so I was every sad at the end of it.  So what did my honey do?  Instead of rushing into intimacy, he let me set the pace and we just touched and kissed for a very long time.  What a total sweetheart!   

Saturday was the day of the company picnic so we spent the afternoon there.  I played a couple of games of volleyball while Eduardo watched.  I didn’t want to get a bunch of sand in my shoes so I took off my socks and shoes and played in bare feet.  This might not have been the wisest decision.  Believe it or not, I burned the bottom of my feet!!!!!  Saturday night was a little painful.  We had dinner out on the balcony then sat and talked until like 10pm.  Originally, we were going to watch a movie but we agreed that it was such a perfect night to be out that we didn’t want to waste it.  Eventually, we played a couple of games of Yahtzee by candlelight and Eduardo killed me.  He was quite pleased about that.

We started out Sunday with watching the second movie of the weekend.  “Raise the Red Lantern” was an older Chinese movie.  It was very good in the sense that it showed a fair bit of the culture but the ending was extremely unsatisfying. And then… on to chores.  Eduardo dusted while I cleaned the bathroom.  He also helped me de-infest a plant that has some kind of bug.  We did groceries together and cooked together.  As per usual, the ride home was as quiet as a tomb.  We just don’t talk.  We took a long time saying good bye *sigh*

We made the decision to host a dinner party in the next couple of weeks.  We picked out the menu and invited the first couple.  We are waiting to hear back from them about their schedule before continuing on with the invitations.  Somehow it felt totally right that we were sitting out on the balcony with me talking to my friend Rosi.  It felt like we were winding down from a busy weekend.  What didn’t feel right was driving him home afterwards.

And on a totally different note… my ex did pay back what he owed.  I feel a lot better to know that I didn’t make a mistake in judgment.



2 responses to “And back on track….

  1. Hey there!
    I am happy that I misunderstood you!  And that the two of you cleared the air.  Big smiles on Jen’s face right now!  😀
    Dinner party is a neat idea.  I always wanted to have one, seems so wonderfully sophisticated and adult.  🙂
    HUGS  -Jen

  2. I’m glad to hear that things are working back into place for two of you. Good luck with the dinner party!Hugs,~ FC

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