Interracial Relationships

I have been happy and content for the last couple of days.  I discovered that Eduardo feels the same way as me.  That has certainly helped lessen the struggle between the heart and the head.  Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like he is a very special man and I am so glad that I met him.  What a happy accident!!

I love spending time with him even if it is just on IM because we can’t see each other that night.  We usually don’t do anything special with our time.  We often go out walking around the neighbourhood or eat at some inexpensive restaurant.  The other night we went to Global Foods (an Asian/Hispanic market) and ate at a little pupuseria inside.  Which brings me to a different topic….

In Washington, DC there are so many different nationalities.  Despite that, I don’t think I see a lot of interracial couples.  I see some but it is not very many.  So we go into Global Foods which of course does not have a single white person inside – bueno… except for me.  And it seems clear that not too many white people actually venture inside because just about every person inside has taken it upon themselves to stare at us.  The woman at the cash register hears Eduardo speaking to me in Spanish and asks if I understand him.  Can this really be that unusual?  I got talking to Eduardo while we were waiting for our food and he says that we get stared at all the time.  I just don’t notice it because we are in the white world and I feel comfortable there.  And that evening… he didn’t notice the stares because we were in his world and he was comfortable there.   I thought it was kind of interesting that we are oblivious to what is going on around us as we move around in our little world.  It is only as we step outside of our comfort zone that we notice that the others around us are also not comfortable.

I suppose our desire to stick with our own kind is what makes up these little ethnic neighbourhoods.  I don’t know if you see it in other places but I have noticed it in Toronto and in Washington, DC.  Toronto has Little Italy and a really large Chinatown.  In DC, there are areas which are definitely Hispanic.  I didn’t realize how many Hispanic people lived in Manassas.  Of course, until now, I hadn’t actually spent any time in Manassas.  I also found out that a huge Hispanic population lives around Bailey’s CrossRoads.  To some degree you feel like you have entered a different world as you look at the different stores and restaurants and signs in Spanish.  If our tendency is to stick to our own kind, why do some people cross over into a different ethnic group?  Why do I?  Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for that.


One response to “Interracial Relationships

  1. Great blog! What you say is so true- that we don’t realize many things until we are out of our comfort zone. Thanks for your comment on my site!Katie

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