Excuses… excuses

I have been busy.  I suppose if someone was to look at my life they would say I am busy doing nothing because in some respects that is true.  In reality, I do quite a bit of nothing with Eduardo.  We talk. We go walking.  We sometimes go out to eat.  We watch movies.  We just hang out snuggling and being quiet.  But none of these activities are exactly conducive to hopping up and blogging.  And nor do I want to be writing in my blog when I am with him.  I want to make the most of every moment I am with him.  These moments are precious to me and I miss him very much when I am not with him.  It is obvious that I am head over heels for him. 
This weekend, Eduardo and I threw a dinner party.  I can honestly say this was a joint effort.  Friday night we went together and found a few speciality items at a latino mercado in Manassas.  We should have picked up the red chilies there… little did we know!  Saturday we got up a little late.  We went out shopping and got everything but the red chilies.  We spent an HOUR! Yes… AN HOUR! trying to find them.  Of course this put me another hour behind schedule.  Eduardo was a real trouper and spent 2.5 hours in the kitchen helping me out.  Mostly he cut things up but there was a A LOT of stuff to cut up for salsa and tomato sauce and salad.  We had a hispanic style dinner.  I invited my best friend Rosi and her husband Merle and another good friend Neil and his girlfriend Mandy.  It was the first time that I had met Mandy.  She seems like a very nice woman and I hope that everything works out well for Neil.  During the dinner he did not say very much.  I expected that but I had hoped that he would say more.
During the weekend, we saw two movies – Hostel and Amores Perros.  Hostel was really disturbing and actually gave me nightmares.  Amores Perros was a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone.  The rest of the weekend we spent doing little things together like looking over pictures of me when I was little, talking and spending time on the balcony.  Our weekends go by so quickly.  The minutes feel like seconds and the hours like minutes.  Before you know it, it is Sunday night and we are going back to Manassas lost in our own thoughts.  The drive is always quiet and always sad.
I saw him last night and I will see him tonight.  Tomorrow is my volunteer night and then the weekend is here again!!!

3 responses to “Excuses… excuses

  1. Honey take whatever time you need.  if you’re enjoying REAL life, GOOD for you.  I’m glad you and Eduardo are on teh same page. 
    Take care. -rey

  2. Sounds likea  very special time for a very special lady.  I am happy for you!  🙂

  3. Come back! I miss you!
    ~ FC

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