The result

The good news is that Eduardo wanted to see me.  He even said so which made me very happy.  I went to see him Wednesday and we talked about the situation.  By Wednesday he had cooled down.  He apologized for what he said last night.  He said that he said them out of anger and fear.  I can understand that but it didn’t take the sting out of his words.  At least not at that moment.  Tonight, the words do not have the same bite to them as they did on Tuesday.
I am a little wary of his anger.  I am still not sure I understand why everything was fine on the weekend and it only came to the forefront on Tuesday.  We were not able to talk for as long as we wanted because I could not stay up that late.  I had to get enough sleep that I wouldn’t fall asleep on my trip to Canada.  Yep! I am on vacation for a few days to see my mom. 
We are back on track.  We have promised to only bring up upsetting news in person.  The language barrier becomes so much bigger when we are upset.  I  probably have more problems than him but when I get upset… I find it so much harder to understand his Spanish.  It takes a lot of my concentration to understand him in the best of times, forget about when I am upset and not thinking clearly.  It is a disaster.
I had a lot of time to think today during my 10 hour drive back home.  He is a good man in a way that I don’t think I can adequately describe in words.  I believe that he is serious about the relationship and willing to do what it takes to build it in a constructive way.  He is easy-going and willing to try new things whether that is heading to a museum or trying new food.  He is very affectionate which is good for me.  I  love hugs and kisses.  He is caring, gentle and mostly patient.  Who can’t be more patient?  He loves kids and pets?  How can that not be an adorable attribute? 
Last night, he said to me, "No soy perfecto".   And he is right… none of us are perfect.  I think I can live with those parts that aren’t perfect.

2 responses to “The result

  1. I am very happy to hear that you were able to talk things out. Enjoy your vacation and just look forward now. Take care!
    ~ FC

  2. just be careful to not lose site of your happiness…don’t be too forgiving.  Yes, you made a simple mistake by calling him a different name; but his actions were a little maniacle…almost manipulative.  You did nothing wrong and as long as you know that, then "proceed with caution".  Yes, people arne’t perfect….but they should treat others with the utmost respect.  Take care, my dear.

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