A quick update

Wow!  It has been over a week since I last posted.  Time flies!  The long weekend was very busy.  On Saturday, I tried to study and we had a family BBQ.  On Sunday, I tried to do even more studying.  I ended up reading a total of 300 pages out of 500.  I wanted to do the whole 500 but I wasn’t expecting the English to be so convoluted and difficult to read.  On Monday, I drove back sick.  I didn’t realize this but I realized this soon enough on Tuesday when I tried to get out of bed.  I got to see Eduardo on Monday night.  We didn’t do anything special.  He helped me with laundry and groceries and kept me company while I made up some food for my lunches. 

Tuesday I was sick and stayed on the couch reading all day.  The only thing I did was go to class because I had a presentation worth 10% of my mark.  I figured I should probably show up so I didn’t get the big 0 on the project.  Wednesday, I saw Eduardo.  Thursday, I saw Eduardo.  We decided to get him a cell phone because it was starting to be a pain to call his friend’s home phone so we are sharing a family plan which is cheaper than 2 separate cell phone plans.

On Friday, I picked up Eduardo.  We saw the movie, Frailty, but didn’t particularly like it.  Saturday, sadly, was spent doing homework.  I read most of the rest of my novel and then we watched Cabeza de Vaca.  Let’s just say that if it wasn’t for the fact that I HAD to watch it for class… we wouldn’t have finished it.  After that, we headed out to a party at Eduardo’s friend.  It was a little weird to be in an environment in which I couldn’t really speak to anyone.  Now I know how Eduardo feels when he is with my friends.  The big reason is because the music was fairly loud so people could dance but it impacted my ability to hear people and of course, in a foreign language, I need things to be quiet around me to understand it.  I still had a good time because I was with Eduardo.  Sunday, I finished reading my novel.  Sunday always seems to zoom by.  I can not explain what the problem is with Sunday but our awake hours go by so fast that we almost never accomplish anything.  We did take a walk and explore some of the neighbourhood.

We had a couple of moments of silence yesterday at work in remembrance of September 11th.  Saturday, we saw a documentary on the attack on the World Trade Center.    It was really quite tragic.  Did you know that announcements told people to go back upstairs in the south building after the north building had been hit?  Some of the people that were turned back at the lobby never made it back out of the building.  What I didn’t realize until then was that all of the people in the south tower (I think) that weren’t killed (or trapped) by the impact could have made it out.  Although Staircase B and C were destroyed, Staircase A was intact and everyone could have walked down it.  The other tragic thing was that rescuers apparently leave disabled people at staging areas that are supposed to be safe while they rescue others.  In one of the towers, people were left at Floors 6 and 21.  Imagine… 6 floors from freedom…. Unfortunately, they died when the buildings collapsed.  Very few disabled people made it out of the twin towers alive because of this strategy.  It was such an incredibly sad documentary to watch yet at the same time it was incredibly uplifting because of heroes that rescued people that might never have made it out otherwise.

 I never understood how people could know where they were and what they were doing at the exact moment that some historic moment happened.  For example, people often say they remember where they were when Kennedy was assassinated or the space shuttle exploded.  Now I understand because I know exactly where I was when I first heard the news.


One response to “A quick update

  1. I’ve always wanted to ask you this…but where do you live? 
    I was getting ready for class (and actually WENT to class b/c we had a test) but the test was cancelled so I went home to watch the rest unfold…yep.  i remember it vividly. 

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