Inexcusable actions excused?

If you live in the Washington, DC area, you simply can’t get away from political news.  Today’s political news is about Micheal Foley and his sexually explicit messages.  And his excuse?  Sexual abuse as a teen and drinking.  Its astonishing to hear that one of the text messages was sent just 6 minutes after he voted on the floor.  So he was either voting drunk or lying.  I am not sure which is worse – that our politicians are running the country drunk or they are simply outright lying and think they can get away with it.
But that is really not the real bee in my bonnet.  The real kicker is that he did these things because he was abused as a teen.  Hello?  This makes it alright?  This excuses it?  I don’t think so.  So many people who do bad things go on to say that they were abused as children.  And so?  That is really terrible but abuse does not make you do bad things.  And before you think I am a cold-hearted bitch, I too was sexually abused as a child.   I went to group therapy and met many women who had been horribly abused as children by immediate family members such as fathers and brothers.  One of the women was pregnant and terrified that she might molest her baby because she knows that being abused can make you an abuser.   These women were not running around molesting other children, killing people or doing whatever else others have been excusing with their abuse.  Neither have I.  Being abused as a child is not an excuse for your actions.  Abuse does not make you an abuser.  For crying out loud, take responsbility for your actions and quit blaming someone else.  If you thought that your abuse had hurt you in some way… get some help.  I did and so have many other people.   I took responsibility for my hurt and my pain and worked at making myself a better person.  They could have too.
And now I will step off my soap box.   I always tell people I am pretty laid back until you hit something that I am passionate about.  This… I am passionate about. 

2 responses to “Inexcusable actions excused?

  1. This story made me sick as well.  And he will not say who the priest was… makes me think that maybe there was no priest, that it is just a convenient excuse.  Scary who is leading the country these days.  I was taught to respect elected leaders, but even allowing for human weakness, I can not look up to a bunch of drug and alcohol addicted kiddie sex seekers.  😦
    I agree that each person is responsible for his or her own actions.  Just because something was done to you, it doesn’t give you license to do it to someone else.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Grrrr.

  2. I haven’t been following Foley because I’ve been so busy, but I take your word for it.  and I am in total agreement with you.  I hate it when people play the victim and blame all their shit on others.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Yo’ure an adult now…good soap box.  hope you are well. -rey

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