Transformation Fridays

Eduardo and I have been together for 2 weeks now.  Everything is going smoothly except for Fridays.  There is something about Friday that transforms Eduardo into an entirely different person.  I don’t think I am provoking him but both times on Friday he has gotten upset and totally blown an event out of proportion.  The first time was when I questioned whether or not he was telling the truth about something.  I personally thought this was normal and certainly something he does in reverse.  He got offended and started talking about leaving.  This blows over.   The second time he asks whose shirt is sitting on the chair in the bedroom.  It has been sitting there for the entire time I have known Eduardo.  It has never moved.  This is mostly because I am lazy.  I say it is Enrique’s.  He went through the roof asking why I haven’t thrown it out and did I expect him to come back and get it?  I actually never intended on throwing it out.  The mostly likely place it was going to go was in the yard sale box.  Apparently, putting it in the yard sale box was not good enough for Eduardo and he got even more upset that I wouldn’t throw it out.  Despite the fact that it was a perfectly good shirt, I ended up throwing it out to appease him.  It simply wasn’t worth the effort of fighting.  Once again, he started talking about leaving because I didn’t respect him.  We finally had a discussion later on about the situation and he said he was mad because I didn’t do what he would have done.  That pretty much makes sense since I am a different person.  He then went on to say that he grew up getting exactly what he wanted when he wanted it and still had some of that attitude today.  That has definitely become apparent over the last few weeks.
I told him that he needed to be somewhat careful about continually talking about leaving when he got upset because one day I was going to say to him…. "Then get the fuck out… I don’t what you here either"  And that will happen, I am not going to live with someone who is always talking about leaving.  Who wants to live with that insecurity?  I do not want to be dreading Friday’s because Eduardo turns into a different man.   And neither will our relationship go forward if Eduardo keeps looking for something to go wrong.  I know he is scared that we wont work out.  I worry about that too. What I don’t do is look for ways in which we aren’t functioning.  I am looking for ways to make it work.  I am looking forwards to a future together.  He is looking for problems.  You know how those self-fulfilling prophecies go…. You will find what you are looking for.  

2 responses to “Transformation Fridays

  1. Wow. Insecurity or Latin machismo? I know I would get tired of constantly reassuring someone. I’m afraid I have that "and what have YOU done for ME lately?" attitude. Hmmm. Think that’s why I live alone? Ha!!

  2. Wow.  sounds like he has some security issues to work through.  don’t you dare fall victim to his immatuity…i know he’s overall a good guy, but just be VERY cautious.  -rey

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