Exam Time

I don’t mind going to school.  I don’t mind reading. I don’t mind writing papers…. even papers that seem kind of silly.  But I really hate studying for exams.  As always, I am having a hard time studying for this history exam.  Too many people, too many dates and too many definitions to try to stuff into my brain.
I write the exam on Tuesday and that will be my last exam…. EVER! Unless I choose to go back to school or I fail this class.   It is unlikely that I will be going back to school any time soon.  I am so finished with going to school.  I don’t expect to fail the exam either.  Keep your fingers crossed though.
Have a good weekend all!

5 responses to “Exam Time

  1. Good luck!
    ~ FC

  2. Good luck on it!  🙂

  3. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    Good luck on your test.  I ABSOLUTELY agree with your comment on my space about "the game" … take care.

  4. I realized that you and I had the same title for a post….interesting. so, after you do this, why will you not go back to school?  why were you going in the first place?  were you going for a degree in something?  it’s tough, that’s for sure…compound that wiht a full time job and your social life is shot….hang in there.  -rey

  5. Hope all is well with you.  Write when you can! ~Rey

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