A pedestrian was killed

Tuesday night on my way to Senor Campos, I was stopped by a traffic accident.  I was not a witness to the accident although I suspect that I came onto the accident within a few minutes of it happening.  A pedestrian was hit crossing the road.  I drove by this person lying very still on the road in an odd position.
I am not sure what went through my mind first because so many thoughts leapt into it:
  • Was it a trick or treater?  It was hard to say if it was a man/woman or adult/older child.  
  • Why was he crossing in the middle of the road?  That stop light wasn’t that far away!  This road is not particularly well-lit.  You can’t see people jay-walking very well.
  • The poor driver.  The pedestrian was wearing dark blue/black pants and sweater.  Will the driver realize that he couldn’t possibly have seen the person and forgive himself?  You could barely see the person against the road and you knew he was there.
  • Is he dead?  I suppose he must have been because he was so still and lying in such an odd way.  Just like in movies you know. You would think if he was hurt he would be moving in some way.  I had my window down because it was so nice out.  You didn’t hear a sound out of the victim. 


I immediately called Eduardo because he was taking the bus home that night and I wanted to make sure he arrived safely. 



4 responses to “A pedestrian was killed

  1. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    That’s so stressful when you see an accident.  I know I have trouble getting the images out of my mind.
    Congrats on your test score!  AWESOME!!!  Take care …

  2. Yech. Did you ever hear any details? I feel sorry for the driver. I almost took out a guy the other night. I live close to a hospital that built a crosswalk over the street so people didn’t have to cross a busy street but many still do. The guy I almost hit was wearing black scrubs and it was a very dark, rainy night. Scared the piss out of both of us, I think.

  3. Yeah!  you’re semi-back.  missed your entries. 
    That’s a horrible thing to see:  my mother accidelly hit a kid years adn years ago.  he was playing football in the park someone threw it long and he ran out of no where into the street to catch it an wound up on the hood of her car…he broke his leg but that’s scary enough.
    I hope you and Eduardo figure out how to work around the comm. probs.  All my best. ~ Rey

  4. Oh honey.  😦
    Did it make the news?  Did you find out if it ended well?  I am sorry that it happened and that you had to see it.
    HUGS  -Jen

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