Just when you think I’m back…

I go on vacation!!!!
It’s true.  I have spent the last few days on vacation.  We didn’t go anywhere special.  This was good news and bad news.   When we first discussed our vacation, we decided to stay here and so some local things.  Then, Eduardo wanted to go to New York.  I have to admit that I wasn’t enthusiastic about it when he first suggested it.  I thought New York would be too expensive for my budget.  I did some research and it seemed like it was doable but then Eduardo said he no longer wanted to go.  I can relate but ARGH!!!  Instead of doing much around here, we hung out at the house.  I thought that I was leaving our schedule up to Eduardo so I took his lead on stuff.  I really didn’t mind just hanging out.  I thought we had some great times relaxing and talking and getting to know each other better.  On Wednesday, he tells me he was bored and he has not liked the vacation.  That revelation has pretty much wrecked the joy I was getting out of our vacation.  So I guess we can now say that neither of us have enjoyed the vacation.
Yesterday,  Eduardo and I walked around Burke Lake.  This is a 4.5 mile trail.  Whew!!!! I was tired at the end of that.  On the trail we saw a doe and a buck.  The buck has 4 prongs on his antlers so he was fairly impressive – to me at least.  He was actually very bold and even started to follow us so we got out of there.  It freaks me out a little bit when wild animals that are normally afraid of you are not afraid of you.  It was an incredible sight and Eduardo’s first close-up look of a male deer.
I am working a half day today because I had to get up to take Eduardo to work.  I figured if I had to get up to take him to work I might as well work a half day even though it is a holiday for our company.  Most likely, I will take a half day off next Tuesday to work on my final assignment.  I have officially passed the course as I have a 95% average on all work handed in (50%) and 100% of attendance(10%).  I just have 2 assignments left to hand in.  One assignment in just about complete and the other is started.  My goal is to finish the reading this weekend and then start writing it next week.  If I am lucky, I will have it written within the week.  Pop that rough draft into the teacher and then I simply need to make any corrections he suggests and I will be done!!  I will be so happy to get this class over with.  I am ready to graduate right now!
Harmony was taken into the vets to be spayed.  661$ Does that not seem like a total rip-off?  Egads! If I should ever get another cat, I think I will be going to a different vet to get them fixed.  I am fairly certain that I can get this done for considerably less.   I realize that my vet is world-class but that is ridiculous.  In fact, they are getting very expensive even for shots so it is entirely possible that I might end up going to a different vet for everything.  They gave Harmony some drugs for pain.  It has turned her into a totally different cat.  She is loveable and adorable and not anywhere close to the little monster that went into the vets.  I think I need a lifetime supply of this stuff!!  Last night, she feel asleep in my arms.  This is a first!!!  We are hoping that her love for affection will still be there when she is off this medication.
I will try to write more often but I think it will be sporadic until I graduate. 
PS.  I never did find out more about the accident.  I did try to look it up in a local newspaper but didn’t find any mention of it.

3 responses to “Just when you think I’m back…

  1. Well, bummer.  Sorry your vaca was boring.  But the hike sounds really awesome.  Where were the pics taken? 
    As for the price on that spaying:  hell yes that’s a rip off.  I’m not sure how vets get away with doing that there…here in Texas a spay or neuter is $75-$200 or so.   And if you get your cat from the SPCA they spay/neuter them for free anyway!  Geeze.  have a good one. ~Rey

  2. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    lol – yeah, I think I’m a little different on pain meds, too 😉  Here in OKC a spay or neuter for a cat is usually under $100.  I’m starting now to save my pennies to have my new addition to the family spayed in a few months.  Come by and see her pictures.

  3. Hey Billie, first of all… WOW! You look absolutely AMAZING!!! Way to go my darling.. you’ve done so well!
    I am happy for you with your relationship with Eduardo.. but I must agree communication is probably the biggest key to relationships. Sometimes it despairs me that in relationships where 2 people actually speak the same language, not much is communicated.. at least urs try his best to convey his feelings with what limited vocabulary he has… it takes time, i suppose so give him a chance… which i know u will … afterall, patience it is a virtue, right?
    I didn’t know ur studying as well..if i may ask, what are u majoring in?
    Elle xo

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