Holiday Weekend – Let’s celebrate

I hope you are all celebrating the holiday weekend – for those who do celebrate it.  We will definitely be celebrating.  Tomorrow, we are going out to friends of Eduardo’s for lunch.  Friday, we are having our own Thanksgiving dinner.  It will be a special dinner but it won’t have traditional Thanksgiving food.  I am going to be making a Tortiere which is like a meat pie.  I love it but it is extremely time consuming to make and of course very bad for you so I reserve it for special occasions.  On Saturday, we are taking out an older gentleman I visit for lunch to his favourite Peruvian restaurant.  Somewhere in there, I need to make a bunch of cookies and we need to work on our bathroom floor.
So… I handed in my assignment and my teacher says to me… This is your draft?  WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!!!  Hello??? Didn’t I send that to you last week?  I am certain that is what we agreed to.  All I simply said was, "I sure hope not"  I have absolutely no desire what-so-ever to revisit this paper and re-write it.  I am not even sure how I could re-write it.  I spent some 15 or 16 hours writing it.  There is nothing more in me.  I am tapped out, finished, kaput, tired and simply don’t want to work any more on it.  I have all my assignments back expect this one and have a solid A.  I passed.  Even if I get 0 on this assignment, I will have a B.  This class is OVER!!!!  Well… ok…. I have to attend the final class.
And that is all for me at this moment.

2 responses to “Holiday Weekend – Let’s celebrate

  1. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    Sounds like a tough class.  I’m sure you’re glad to be done with it.  Sounds like Harmony is quite a little bundle of fun!  lol  Take care …

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Just stopping by to say hi!

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