Wedding Bells are ringing

Eduardo and I have decided that we are the one for each other.  We are getting married on January 20th or January 27th of 2007. 

After much debate about our personal finances and the fact that a second lay-off was just announced at his job (with a possible third coming) we have decided to have a small intimate ceremony with just the two of us.  In a year, when life is hopefully more stable, we plan on having a wedding celebration and taking our honeymoon in Puerto Rico.  I think the wedding ceremony is perfectly romantic and I am not at all unhappy that it will just be a private moment between the two of us.

We found a very romantic bed and breakfast a short drive away that performs wedding ceremonies as part of a complete package.  For one price, we get two nights stay at a little cottage on their property with a gourmet breakfast, the wedding ceremony itself, a champagne toast, the bridal flowers, a wedding cake, 36 pictures and a dinner out at a nearby fancy restaurant.   We were sent a photo gallery of past weddings and they were absolutely beautiful pictures taken by the wife.

That was the easy part and we agreed on this fairly quickly despite one discussion that went fairly badly and ended up being tabled because we totally couldn’t agree on anything.  After tabling it and allowing ourselves some time to ponder it, the second and third discussions that led to our final decision went very well.  We are still hoping that my friend, Pearl, a pastor who is able to perform weddings in Virginia, is able to officiate at the wedding.  If not, the innkeeper is Plan B.

And now on to the totally tortuous parts of the wedding planning….

Selecting the ring

Selecting the dress

Selecting the suit, shirt, tie and shoes.

Selecting the ring has been an exercise in patience on my part.  This man is totally driving me nuts.  Due to finances, Eduardo has been very concerned about the price of things.  So he was trying to find an inexpensive ring that he could live with.  Since the rings could potentially be on our fingers for a good many years, I suggested that maybe he shouldn’t be so concerned about the price of the ring – within reason – and get something he likes (and I like – we want matching wedding bands) because he is going to have to live with it for a long time.  Well… let’s just say that suggestion backfired.  Now he wants to find the PERFECT ring because he is going to have to live with it for a long time.  We have been to just about a dozen different jewelry stores/jewelers.  Many of them we have been to twice and one of them we have been to three times… yes… three times.  Maybe this is normal?  I don’t know.  This wasn’t my experience previously. 

On Saturday night, he was sure that he had found THE ONE.  It was a beautiful 2 toned rose gold/yellow gold ring.  The middle was two bands of rose/yellow gold brushed and the outside was a highly polished gold.  For plan B, there was a yellow gold ring with a brushed center and highly polished outside flat edge.  Whew… search over.  We simply needed to make a decision.  On Sunday morning he says to me, “I think I want to go to some more places.”  So we went to Jared’s Galleria.  Amazingly enough, we found THE ONE but their sample was only in white gold.  It had a beveled polished edge with a narrow brushed center band.  We then went to the malls to see if we could see a sample in yellow gold.  No luck but we found Plan B.  A simple brushed center band with a raised rounded polished edge (See a pattern here?) that was very inexpensive.  Success!!! We simply had to decide.  We are waiting to find out if the ring we found at Jared’s is available in yellow gold in my size.  He tells me multiple different times that he likes the one from Jared’s.  So, last night, I ask him if I can simply order the rings if the girl calls to say they have my size.  And he responds, I think we need to talk about it.




I can only imagine what torture he is going to inflict on me when we get to the point of picking out a suit.  I suppose I might get him back when we try to pick out a dress.  I have tried out 7 or 8 dresses already and it is not going well.  We have managed to decide on a colour range but that is all.


4 responses to “Wedding Bells are ringing

  1. WOW! Congratulations! How exciting! You’ll have to post pictures of the rings, your dress, etc. Keep us updated!
    Also, I tagged you. Read my blog to find out about it.
    ~ FC

  2. Congratulations!  Just remember that the ring itself really isn’t important.  It’s the stuff that it symbolizes that is important.  I just have a plain, gold band and it’s never been an issue.  It’s also not a great idea to buy an expensive ring if he does any type of manual labor around the house.  My ring now has the texture of brushed steel but it was smooth and shiny eleven years ago when I first put it on.

  3. Felicitations!  I am very happy for you both.  One of my friends did that exact same thing (maybe even the same place) and she loved every minute of it.  The pictures were beautiful and she said it was a lovely intimate ceremony.
    🙂  HUGS!  Jen

  4. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    Congratulations!  Enjoy every moment of this planning time … it’s where the stories will be for your kids … take care.

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