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One of my more embarrassing moments!

Last Saturday night was my company Christmas party.  I went with Eduardo, of course.  I was pretty excited about it although I was also a bit apprehensive as Eduardo is not comfortable speaking English.  As expected, he was uncomfortable although the wandering magician made him laugh and helped him improve his mood.
And then disaster struck. 
Eduardo does not particularly like Enrique.   They haven’t met but I relayed my last telephone conversation with Enrique to Eduardo because its content concerned me and let’s just say that he wasn’t impressed and hasn’t wanted me to speak to Enrique again.  That wasn’t much of a problem due to said last conversation. 
So I go over to one of the few people that I think knows Eduardo just after we arrive hoping to strike up a conversation with them and get him feeling comfortable.  And she says, "Oh I remember you, we met you downtown during the cherry blossom festival."  Ummm… nope.  I didn’t want to use Enrique’s name so I simply said, "wrong guy.  You met Eduardo at the company picnic."  I didn’t manage to get away with that as Eduardo wanted to know who she was confusing him with. *sigh*  But he seemed to recover by simply saying that perhaps all hispanics look alike to her.  *whew* Disaster averted…. for about 5 minutes until another co-worker came up and actually said, "Oh hi, you must be Enrique".  Yeah…. now disaster is turning into a head-on collision.  I have no explanation for why the confusion happened.  It is not like these people would have heard me speak of Enrique (not that his name crosses my lips much these days.)
We ended up going up to the hotel room and having it out.  I realize that it must not have been a great feeling to be confused with someone else but both of us have old relationships  that are going to crop up now and again.  We need to try to be adult and handle it in a mature way.  For once, I spoke to my mind to him and told him exactly what I thought.  I wasn’t mean.  I was simply fed-up with being with a 5 year old.  I then left to go back to the party.   Within 5 minutes he called me back to the hotel room and apologized.  He went back down to the party and I think that we ended up having a good time.
Do I just carry around bad luck?  I don’t know.  NOW, I am afraid that I will call him Enrique.  I did it once – right near the beginning of our relationship – it didn’t go over well.  I have been scared of doing it again.  Eduardo has heard me call all kinds of people by the wrong name accidentally so I had hoped that if I do it again, he will realize that it is just me being me but I think this event pretty much will put the kibbosh on his understanding *sigh*
Everything is back to normal since yesterday afternoon.  We have had a bit of a rough patch over the last couple of weeks but I think we have manuevered through it.  Mom is arriving on Saturday so I am sure that will bring tensions a little higher in the next couple of weeks.  I know that Eduardo is nervous about meeting my mother and my step-father.
So what is your most embarrassing moment?

6 weird things about me

I got tagged by FC a while ago but just haven’t managed to think up 6 weird things about me.  Or perhaps, I just simply don’t want to admit to them.  I won’t be tagging anyone as I don’t have 6 bloggers to tag.  This is a work in progress.  As I think of more weird things, I will add them.  For now, you will simply have to be content with a partial list.
  • My eyes are blue/gray but if you look closely you will see a burst of brown in one.  My brother has exactly the same burst of colour in his.
  • I always dress in the same order: undies, bra, shirt, socks, pants.  I never, ever deviate from this order.
  • I almost always cook once a week and eat leftovers for the rest of the week.  Most people think this is a little unusual.  Eduardo eats said leftovers with me so I assume he must be a little weird too.
  • If I leave the house for a vacation – big or small.  I usually have to go back to the house at least once to make sure that the lights are off and the stove is turned off.  I have to do this even if I tell myself that I can’t remember the last time I turned on the stove.


Do the little things make a person?

I have a serious question and would appreciate any advice that you guys can give me.
Lets say you’ve met someone.  In general, you believe that they are a good person.  Or at least they try to be a good person but there are these ‘little things’ that show you a less than good person side.  For example, these ‘little things’ might show you that they are a bit hypocritical or that they are selfish.  But if you look at the bigger picture… at the day-to-day gestures of this person… they show they are a good person.
Yesterday, I was told that the ‘little things’ show the true nature of the person.  Even one or two little things that they do that are contrary to this good person side could override the million other things they did that really are good things.  True or false?
Up until now, I had been brushing aside little things as exactly that – just little things.  Things I could adjust to and get used to because they were little things.  Today I made a list of the little things that have been bothering me.  It is about a dozen little things that all point to a couple of different character traits that are not exactly the top 10 character traits you are looking for in a person.  Having examined some of these ‘little things’,  I am wondering if I should be taking this advice and paying attention to them.
If I am being judged on the couple of ‘little things’ that I have done with no regard to any of the other things that I have done, should I be judging the other person on the ‘little things’?   

I am going to be a Step-mom

This probably should have occurred to me before but it didn’t.  When I marry Eduardo, I will be a step-mommie.  Interestingly enough, this only occurred to Eduardo after I told him that.  I think somehow, the both of us were thinking that his children were separate from me and "never the two shall meet" so to speak.  This really isn’t the case.  I believe that Eduardo would like his son to come to the US in a few years to visit.  Eventually, this child and I are going to meet and interact in a child/parent role of some type.  I am not really sure what to do with this new role.  It is not like the traditional step-mother role where the children come to live on a regular basis and we need to co-exist.   They live so far away, I might not see them more than once a year or once every two years.
I know that Eduardo wants to visit his children in a couple of years.  He was thinking of going to Peru by himself for a couple of weeks.  Why?  He thought I would be bored of hanging out with his children.  Presumably, we would have our own child(albeit very small) and I should hope that I was interested in doing things with children.  If not… my own child is in serious jeopardy of being parented very poorly.  Once, Eduardo said that his mind was closed.  He probably didn’t mean it exactly like that but that is fairly literal translation of what he said.  I think to some degree he has difficulty thinking outside of the box.  His children, his trip and therefore very little interest for me.  But what about evenings out with his friends?  What about me taking a side trip to see a friend of mine for a couple of days and leaving him with some time to focus on his children without me?  He gets his mind set on things and doesn’t always see that there are alternatives.
Well… I decided to buy a couple of classic English children’s books that had been translated into Spanish for his children.  The reviews on the books say that the translation is well done.  I want to make some kind of contribution to these children that will end up in my family.

The difference between….

no TE gusta and no ME gusta is just a letter.  Sadly, the meaning is worlds apart.
no TE gusta means You don’t like something
no ME gusta means that I don’t like something
No wonder I didn’t understand why Eduardo didn’t like the tie after he left the store when he said it was his favourite tie in the store.  He didn’t say no ME gusta.  He said no TE gusta.  He thought that I didn’t like it!!!
Communication is so very important and sometimes I get a big fat F on my report card.
We are still going to take a second look at the ties to make sure that we have the best tie for the outfit but at least my sense of frustration/perplexity is gone.  And I don’t mind this second look because after all…. these clothes are going to be immortalized in photographs.

Wedding selections updates

The rings are bought.  We finally decided that we liked the ones from Jared.  I have to admit that I didn’t expect it to be such a big decision.  I think it took us longer to decide on the rings than it did to decide on everything else that was involved.
The wedding dress was bought.  We decided to check out any clothing stores that were in the strip mall that the jewellers were located in to remove that major shopping area from our search.  Incredibly enough, we found the wedding dress.  It is a champagne coloured evening gown.  It is ankle length with a cowl neck and a bit of a V in the back.  It is classy and elegant.  The dress is made of silk and is lightly beaded in a flower design.  And when I mean lightly… I really do mean lightly.  As you know, some of those dresses can look pretty gaudy with all the different kinds and numbers of beads that they contain.  Of course, it would look much better on me if I lost 10 lbs.  So… I have started my quest to lose that 10lbs.  And if I don’t?  No biggie, Eduardo thinks it looks perfect on me.
The suit also went fairly well.  After checking out several stores and getting down to the last few suits that we had to try on, we found the perfect suit.  It is black with 2-toned grey stripes on it that are subtle.  It is very smart.  We ended up with limited choices because suits come in matched sets.  Ie a 40 chest comes with 33-25 waist.  If you don’t fit that combination then you need to go with suit separates.  That is what I learned yesterday.  This limited our choices substantially because suit separates don’t come in as many selections as suits do.
What didn’t go as well was the shirt and tie selection.  We decided to start with ties and then look for shirts that matched the ties.  We picked out some ties.  We picked out shirts to go with ties.  We picked the shirt/tie combination that Eduardo liked that looked good with the dress.  It wasn’t my favourite combination but it clearly looked better with the dress.  Success!!!  You would think so wouldn’t you.  Then he says, "But I really wanted a blue shirt"  *sigh* I knew he wanted a blue shirt so I had been looking for ties that would go with a black suit, blue shirt and champagne coloured dress.  I hadn’t found any. I managed to find one on the second try.  It was very nice although I don’t think it matched as well with the dress.  I asked Eduardo if wanted a third unbiased opinion to help us make a decision.  The sales lady overheard us.  She and other guy started helping us pick ties that might go with a blue shirt.  Eduardo started to get upset.  He said he wanted the original combination.  On the way out of the store he tells me that we got the ugliest tie he had ever seen.  Huh??!?!?!  What happened to him saying he liked that tie the best?  Sometimes I don’t understand that guy. 
Tonight we are going back to exchange the shirt for a smaller size.  Although it is identical in size to the previous dress shirt we bought, we discovered it was actually a bit bigger in the shoulder which tips it over to being TOO big.  We also need to go back to get the pants shortened.  I think I am going to suggest that we look for a different tie if he wants to.  I really want to keep the champagne coloured shirt because I think you need more than just some specks in the tie to get a matching look.  We will see what happens.
I just know that I am totally exhausted from all of our shopping.  For a woman?  I am not really much of a shopper.  When I was younger?  Absolutely!!!! Shopaholic.  I loved the malls, I loved shopping, I loved looking.  But now… I could never enter another mall again and be totally happy.