The difference between….

no TE gusta and no ME gusta is just a letter.  Sadly, the meaning is worlds apart.
no TE gusta means You don’t like something
no ME gusta means that I don’t like something
No wonder I didn’t understand why Eduardo didn’t like the tie after he left the store when he said it was his favourite tie in the store.  He didn’t say no ME gusta.  He said no TE gusta.  He thought that I didn’t like it!!!
Communication is so very important and sometimes I get a big fat F on my report card.
We are still going to take a second look at the ties to make sure that we have the best tie for the outfit but at least my sense of frustration/perplexity is gone.  And I don’t mind this second look because after all…. these clothes are going to be immortalized in photographs.

2 responses to “The difference between….

  1. Well, for those that have been following along for awhile, let me introduce myself. I am Mike, Andria’s latest X, and I just wanted you all to know, that I wish her the best of luck with Eduardo. I have never met him, but from what Andria has told me, he is a good guy. Also, I’ve noticed alot of the same people commenting and offering advice, and even tho Andria and I aren’t together, I would like to thank you for the advice you have given. Anyway, again, Andria and Eduardo, I wish you the best of luck, and I’ll be happy if it works out.

  2. Your name is Andria?  What a beautiful name… I am so out of touch here… I just assumed it was "Billie"!  🙂

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