Wedding selections updates

The rings are bought.  We finally decided that we liked the ones from Jared.  I have to admit that I didn’t expect it to be such a big decision.  I think it took us longer to decide on the rings than it did to decide on everything else that was involved.
The wedding dress was bought.  We decided to check out any clothing stores that were in the strip mall that the jewellers were located in to remove that major shopping area from our search.  Incredibly enough, we found the wedding dress.  It is a champagne coloured evening gown.  It is ankle length with a cowl neck and a bit of a V in the back.  It is classy and elegant.  The dress is made of silk and is lightly beaded in a flower design.  And when I mean lightly… I really do mean lightly.  As you know, some of those dresses can look pretty gaudy with all the different kinds and numbers of beads that they contain.  Of course, it would look much better on me if I lost 10 lbs.  So… I have started my quest to lose that 10lbs.  And if I don’t?  No biggie, Eduardo thinks it looks perfect on me.
The suit also went fairly well.  After checking out several stores and getting down to the last few suits that we had to try on, we found the perfect suit.  It is black with 2-toned grey stripes on it that are subtle.  It is very smart.  We ended up with limited choices because suits come in matched sets.  Ie a 40 chest comes with 33-25 waist.  If you don’t fit that combination then you need to go with suit separates.  That is what I learned yesterday.  This limited our choices substantially because suit separates don’t come in as many selections as suits do.
What didn’t go as well was the shirt and tie selection.  We decided to start with ties and then look for shirts that matched the ties.  We picked out some ties.  We picked out shirts to go with ties.  We picked the shirt/tie combination that Eduardo liked that looked good with the dress.  It wasn’t my favourite combination but it clearly looked better with the dress.  Success!!!  You would think so wouldn’t you.  Then he says, "But I really wanted a blue shirt"  *sigh* I knew he wanted a blue shirt so I had been looking for ties that would go with a black suit, blue shirt and champagne coloured dress.  I hadn’t found any. I managed to find one on the second try.  It was very nice although I don’t think it matched as well with the dress.  I asked Eduardo if wanted a third unbiased opinion to help us make a decision.  The sales lady overheard us.  She and other guy started helping us pick ties that might go with a blue shirt.  Eduardo started to get upset.  He said he wanted the original combination.  On the way out of the store he tells me that we got the ugliest tie he had ever seen.  Huh??!?!?!  What happened to him saying he liked that tie the best?  Sometimes I don’t understand that guy. 
Tonight we are going back to exchange the shirt for a smaller size.  Although it is identical in size to the previous dress shirt we bought, we discovered it was actually a bit bigger in the shoulder which tips it over to being TOO big.  We also need to go back to get the pants shortened.  I think I am going to suggest that we look for a different tie if he wants to.  I really want to keep the champagne coloured shirt because I think you need more than just some specks in the tie to get a matching look.  We will see what happens.
I just know that I am totally exhausted from all of our shopping.  For a woman?  I am not really much of a shopper.  When I was younger?  Absolutely!!!! Shopaholic.  I loved the malls, I loved shopping, I loved looking.  But now… I could never enter another mall again and be totally happy.

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