I am going to be a Step-mom

This probably should have occurred to me before but it didn’t.  When I marry Eduardo, I will be a step-mommie.  Interestingly enough, this only occurred to Eduardo after I told him that.  I think somehow, the both of us were thinking that his children were separate from me and "never the two shall meet" so to speak.  This really isn’t the case.  I believe that Eduardo would like his son to come to the US in a few years to visit.  Eventually, this child and I are going to meet and interact in a child/parent role of some type.  I am not really sure what to do with this new role.  It is not like the traditional step-mother role where the children come to live on a regular basis and we need to co-exist.   They live so far away, I might not see them more than once a year or once every two years.
I know that Eduardo wants to visit his children in a couple of years.  He was thinking of going to Peru by himself for a couple of weeks.  Why?  He thought I would be bored of hanging out with his children.  Presumably, we would have our own child(albeit very small) and I should hope that I was interested in doing things with children.  If not… my own child is in serious jeopardy of being parented very poorly.  Once, Eduardo said that his mind was closed.  He probably didn’t mean it exactly like that but that is fairly literal translation of what he said.  I think to some degree he has difficulty thinking outside of the box.  His children, his trip and therefore very little interest for me.  But what about evenings out with his friends?  What about me taking a side trip to see a friend of mine for a couple of days and leaving him with some time to focus on his children without me?  He gets his mind set on things and doesn’t always see that there are alternatives.
Well… I decided to buy a couple of classic English children’s books that had been translated into Spanish for his children.  The reviews on the books say that the translation is well done.  I want to make some kind of contribution to these children that will end up in my family.

2 responses to “I am going to be a Step-mom

  1. Wow.  I’ve missed out on A LOT!  First off, congratulations on the upcoming wedding.  I hope that you will have all the happiness in the world.  Second, so, when is the trip to Peru?  that will be pretty awesome. 
    I wish you all the best, my dear.  Take care ~Rey

  2. You’re getting married?!  Man, I am behind!  Congratulations!

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