One of my more embarrassing moments!

Last Saturday night was my company Christmas party.  I went with Eduardo, of course.  I was pretty excited about it although I was also a bit apprehensive as Eduardo is not comfortable speaking English.  As expected, he was uncomfortable although the wandering magician made him laugh and helped him improve his mood.
And then disaster struck. 
Eduardo does not particularly like Enrique.   They haven’t met but I relayed my last telephone conversation with Enrique to Eduardo because its content concerned me and let’s just say that he wasn’t impressed and hasn’t wanted me to speak to Enrique again.  That wasn’t much of a problem due to said last conversation. 
So I go over to one of the few people that I think knows Eduardo just after we arrive hoping to strike up a conversation with them and get him feeling comfortable.  And she says, "Oh I remember you, we met you downtown during the cherry blossom festival."  Ummm… nope.  I didn’t want to use Enrique’s name so I simply said, "wrong guy.  You met Eduardo at the company picnic."  I didn’t manage to get away with that as Eduardo wanted to know who she was confusing him with. *sigh*  But he seemed to recover by simply saying that perhaps all hispanics look alike to her.  *whew* Disaster averted…. for about 5 minutes until another co-worker came up and actually said, "Oh hi, you must be Enrique".  Yeah…. now disaster is turning into a head-on collision.  I have no explanation for why the confusion happened.  It is not like these people would have heard me speak of Enrique (not that his name crosses my lips much these days.)
We ended up going up to the hotel room and having it out.  I realize that it must not have been a great feeling to be confused with someone else but both of us have old relationships  that are going to crop up now and again.  We need to try to be adult and handle it in a mature way.  For once, I spoke to my mind to him and told him exactly what I thought.  I wasn’t mean.  I was simply fed-up with being with a 5 year old.  I then left to go back to the party.   Within 5 minutes he called me back to the hotel room and apologized.  He went back down to the party and I think that we ended up having a good time.
Do I just carry around bad luck?  I don’t know.  NOW, I am afraid that I will call him Enrique.  I did it once – right near the beginning of our relationship – it didn’t go over well.  I have been scared of doing it again.  Eduardo has heard me call all kinds of people by the wrong name accidentally so I had hoped that if I do it again, he will realize that it is just me being me but I think this event pretty much will put the kibbosh on his understanding *sigh*
Everything is back to normal since yesterday afternoon.  We have had a bit of a rough patch over the last couple of weeks but I think we have manuevered through it.  Mom is arriving on Saturday so I am sure that will bring tensions a little higher in the next couple of weeks.  I know that Eduardo is nervous about meeting my mother and my step-father.
So what is your most embarrassing moment?

5 responses to “One of my more embarrassing moments!

  1. I have too many embarrassing moments so I can’t give you the "most" embarrassing one. But I have an embarrassing work related moment. Imagine this: the president of my company takes all of the staff women out to lunch for "Administrator’s Day". We’re in a fancy restuarant and have order our food. My plate and another co-worker’s are the first to be served. After a few seconds of looking at my food I take a bite. Everyone at the table stares at me. A few other plates start coming out and no one touches their food. The president looks around and stops his gaze on me and says, "Everyone can eat when they receive their plates, there’s no need to wait." I felt SO dumb. I didn’t think the "wait until everyone is served" rule applied when we had to be back at the office in an hour and were expected to be done eating by then. But apparently it was and I was incredibly rude by starting my meal when I received it. How’s that for an embarrassing moment?
    ~ FC

  2. Happy Holiday’s! Hugs,
    ~ FC

  3. Oh my, oh my…. sorry to hear about the moment! Hopefully everything is cleared up with Eduardo now??
    Anyway hope ur well despite it all. Whats the plan like for xmas?? Here’s wishing u a wonderful one and a fabulous new year!
    Elle x

  4. I too, have WAY too many embarrassing moments to list here – but, I have one that is somewhat in the same vein.  I work in a small office, and our group is a mixture of races, which for how small our office is I think is probably unusual.  While the majority are still caucasian, two females are African American (one worked for me) and one male and one female are Asian – there are only 13 of us total.  So..
    …one day I was concentrating on completing a tough project, and I needed to speak to the woman who is on my team – we’ll call her ‘Barb’.  I went by her desk and she wasn’t there.  My mind was really on the issue at hand, and I walked up to the receptionist (other African American woman – we’ll say her name is Jane), and said "Do you know where Jane is?" – when I obviously meant to say the name of the other woman.  she said "I’m Jane".  I woke up and was like "Duh!  I meant Barb… I’m sorry."  That was the end of that, or so I thought. 
    "Barb" pulls me into our conference room the next day and tells me she is so disappointed in my obvious racisim.   I’m like "What?"  She said that my confusing her with the only other black person in our office was COMPLETELY offensive to her and she was hurt beyond belief. 
    I was both horrified and shocked.   Once I got past that, I was like "You have got to be kidding me.  So everytime growing up when my mother would yell at one of us kids and call me by my brother’s name or vice versa, she was really making some politically charged statement?"  "Ever heard of the wrong name just slipping out?"  I was looking for one person and ran into another and the person I ran into is whose name came out of my mouth.  We really had it out, and I was sad because I’ve been one of her biggest supporters since she came to work for us, ,and I certainly thought we both knew and respected eachother enough to give the benefit of the doubt in a situation like that.
    So, while that’s been almost a year ago, it’s really altered our relationship.  I don’t speak to her of anything other than very superficial, light topics – I don’t ever want to say anything that would be offensive or damaging, but I feel like with her even with the best intentions or what might feel like to me to be very mundane and innocent conversation will get me in trouble.  Maybe I am an insensitive boar, but since everyone else in the office has the same problem with her (yes, even other minorities) I try not to take it to personally…
    So, that’s my similar story… 
    Hope all is well!

  5. Oh goodness, how ackward for the both of you!  I am glad that you were able to get through it.  Shawn’s mother confused me with his ex-fiance several times the first few years we were together.  Once, I can overlook.  But repeatedly?  At least Eduardo and Enrique begin with the same letter and could potentially be confused.  Shawn’s ex’ name is Holly.  Quite different from Jen, I would think!
    Happy Holidays!

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