New dishwasher

Yep.  I bought a new dishwasher over the holidays and it has been making me happy to no end.  Sometimes it is amazing what a little thing like a dishwasher can do to improve your sense of satisfaction and happiness.
I spent a bit more than expected on the dishwasher because we discovered that I don’t have 24" or even 23 7/8" in which to install said dishwasher.  What can I say… space is tight in my kitchen.  We found a 23 1/2 inch dishwasher that just barely fit in leaving enough room to allow the stove to open without hitting the wall.  Luckily, my step-father knew how to install dishwashers so the extra money we spent on the dishwasher was saved on installation fees.  Eduardo helped him install it and said he learned a little bit.  I am afraid that Mom and I took off shopping while they waited for delivery and installed.
Our prior dishwasher was a bit too big for the space so that when the stove door opened, it would hit the kitchen wall next to it because it was jammed in so tight.  The offending dishwasher also didn’t wash dishes very well.  You had to wash – not rinse – but wash the dishes before you put them in or the food on them would simply be redeposited on the dishes in the top rack.   Grrrrr!!!!!!
This dishwasher works exactly like a dishwasher should work.  I simply rinse off the plates of any loose food and toss them in.  The cutlery rack is in the door (way cool invention) so even more dishes fit into the dishwasher.  I swear that our entire cupboard of dishes fits in before it is full.  The top rack even has enough head room for our wine glasses.  Yep… we were washing them by hand before because they were too tall for the rack!
The thing swishes quietly so we don’t even have to turn up the TV when it is on.
What more could a girl ask for??

4 responses to “New dishwasher

  1. I don’t know we ever lived without a dishwasher!  I LOVE whoever invented it.  🙂
    Congratulations on your new one, it sounds wonderful!

  2. Excellent points about going to work sick! I forget how spoiled I am since I’ve worked at the same place for 30 years and have accummulated TONS of sick & vacation days. For instance, I stayed home today just for the hell of it although I called in "sick." It’s what I like to think of as a "mental health" day.
    Congrats on the dishwasher. Of all the appliances, I would probably give up my dishwasher before all the others but I would still be verrrrry sad. It’s so convenient to just stick the dirties in there throughout the week. Unfortunately they haven’t invented one that will unload itself yet. That will be a great day. Ha!!
    Take care!

  3. I think you should update us with pics of your place.  I haven’t seen pics since you moved in!!!  Congrats on the dishwasher.  I want one of those quiet ones 🙂  Take care.  ~Rey

  4. Trust me I completely understand the luxuries of a dishwasher. In my old apartment I was the dishwasher. I was so excited to see my new apartment had a dishwasher. It’s amazing the time it saves instead of doing them all by hand.
    ~ FC

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