I’ll tell you what more a girl could ask for!!!

Health!!!!  Forget the dishwasher!
I have been very sick with a cold (or something similiar) since January 3rd.  Yep… you heard me right.  At 5pm, I left work fine.  At 5:30, I was complaining of a bit of a sore throat and by 6:30 I was flat on my back.  It started with insane sinus pressure and stuffy nose as the sore throat disappeared as fast as it came.  Saturday night, I felt a bit better and we went out to a birthday party.  Eduardo kept to his word and when I said I wasn’t feeling well, we went home shortly thereafter.  I discovered on Sunday morning that I had lost my voice.  My sore throat was back.  By Monday, it was in my chest and I was coughing up my lungs… particularly at night.  Eduardo made me go to the doctor’s on Tuesday and she told me not to go into work on Wednesday.  It is now Thursday.  I am at work but I can’t talk above a whisper and even that is hard on me.
I still can’t sleep at night.  Medication has my cough under control but my throat can’t seem to self-moisten itself so I have to get up every 30 to 60 minutes to take a sip of water.  By the middle of the night I simply slept with the bottle next to me so I didn’t need to move very far to get a sip.
I have taken 2.5 days of sick leave so my yearly sick leave is half gone and it is not even the middle of January.  I have barely talked in 5 days and it is driving me nuts.  I think Eduardo is enjoying the small break from my chattering except for the fact that I feel like crap and he feels bad for me.  He has been getting me things when I want them, making me food on my worst days and helping out on my better days.  He has been a total sweetheart despite the fact that I have been getting a little cranky the last day or two.
The doctor says it could take up to a month to get my voice back.  Will I be whispering my wedding vows?

2 responses to “I’ll tell you what more a girl could ask for!!!

  1. I hope you get better soon!
    ~ FC

  2. I just got over something very similar myself.  I think it’s an epidemic because I know a lot of people who have it.  take care of yourself.  get better. ~rey

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