I am going to be volunteering

Quite by accident, I have picked up a volunteer job.  We saw an ad for English classes on a restaurant window while we were walking one day last week.  They were 10$ for 22 1.5 hour classes over 11 weeks.  This is a bargain…. believe me.  The classes were reasonably close by so I told Eduardo that if he wanted to go, I would be more than happy to take him. 
The classes started last night.  1.5 hours is not enough time for me to justify going home then coming back to pick him up in an hour.  I decided that I would simply spend the evening somewhere that wasn’t in the way and just read while I waited for his class to end.  So… I asked the co-ordinator where I could go to read while I waited.  She said that she really needed volunteers so if I wanted to volunteer instead, she would use me.  So… I will be helping out the church with their learning english program. 
On another note….
I am very proud of Eduardo.  Because he was new to their program, he had to take some tests to determine what level he would start in.  He scored the highest mark they had ever seen on their advanced test since they started the program.  This means that although he has never had any English instruction whatsoever, he will be placed in their Advanced English class.  I am so very proud of his accomplishment. 
I believe that this class will give him the confidence he needs to jump into the English world .

One response to “I am going to be volunteering

  1. I think this is really neat!  Shawn and I were gung ho on teaching our kids Japanese (and learning it ourselves) but after the first kids video on the subject the goal fizzled out.  I think it is wonderful to know more than one language and we wanted to pick one that was somewhat unique in America – I joke that it is so we can yell at our kids in public without others knowing!  🙂

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