My wedding gift was…

It is true.  It appears that Eduardo got into poison ivy at work while working in the back cutting down trees.  It is the only explanation I have for the fact that I have poison ivy because I have not been anywhere in which picking up poison ivy is likely.  He also told me that a guy at work that was helping him cut down the trees showed up to work on Monday with a red rash all over his face.   He must have really gotten into the poison ivy because I am starting to look like I rolled in it.  I have a ring around my waist that is about 2.5 to 3 inches wide that wraps around my entire body from waist to back.  I have a spot starting on my arm and it is travelling from my knee up to my groin on both legs.  I assume it is because we wash our clothes together or because I touched him and it transferred to me.
This will be the third time in 3 years that I have gotten poison ivy/poison sumac.  Maybe that means my poison ivy attack for 2007 is out of the way?  If I remember correctly, it takes at least a week for the entire outbreak to show up on your body.  This means that I have until at least Sunday before I can be assured that it probably won’t get any worse.  Already, I think this is a much worse attack than even the first time when I actually touched poison sumac.  Then I think I have at least another week of the itchies after it quits spreading.  I am totally miserable.  Eduardo can’t relate because up to now he doesn’t appear to be showing any symptoms.  He got a little itchy last night and showed up with a few bumps but they appear to be gone today.
The last couple of days, I have been like. "Don’t touch me." "Stay away." "Please don’t touch me."   I do not want any of my bad areas to be touched because it just makes them start to itch like crazy.  And of course, as the week progresses more and more of my body is turning into a ‘bad spot’ that I don’t want touched.  Last night I went to bed as soon as the sheets were washed.  I figured if I was sleeping that I wouldn’t be feeling miserable.  I was right!
I am totally 100% cursed.  I JUST got over my cold last Thursday or Friday and now I have to deal with this.  At this very moment, I want to take off these offending clothes and go naked.  I discovered that naked is much less itchy.  Somehow though….. I can’t imagine that anyone will find that acceptable at work.
PS.  I will talk about my wedding weekend later this week.  Know that we got married and we had a perfect weekend.

2 responses to “My wedding gift was…

  1. Oh MAN.  You can’t catch a break!  When you mentioned the band around your waist it reminded me of when I had shingles.  Could your rash possibly be shingles?  If so, please go see a doctor – they can give you medicines to lessen the attack. 
    I am happy to hear that you are a married lady now and that your weekend was perfect.  CONGRATULATIONS!  -Jen

  2. Congratualations on your WEDDING!! Sorry for the Poison Ivy!!  I get it if I look at it!  I have read all of your ups and downs and continusly checked all weekend to see if you and Eduardo had gotten married…. I am soo happy to see that you did!  My wedding is in 4 months and 16 days!! I hope that the problems that hoovered over you before the wedding was just a challenge of the faith and love that you both  have for each other…. Good Luck!

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