The wedding

It feels a little strange to be talking about my wedding.  There is nothing that I can write here that can explain how I felt about it.  Sure, I can describe what happened but I don’t think I can adequately describe how I felt.

We started out a little late on Friday because of the aforementioned screw-up that we were trying to fix before we left.  It is not totally fixed but at least it is not causing us any more angst.  Despite leaving several hours late, we only arrived an hour later than expected.  There was absolutely no traffic leaving the city.  Believe me, no one was more surprised than I about that.  We arrived around 8pm and checked in.  We had picked a bed and breakfast that consisted of two cottages and 1 big master suite that comprised the entire upper story of the main house.   We had selected one of the cottages.   It was very cute and romantic.  It was painted yellow and white inside.  The big bed was across from the fireplace and a TV.  It also had a little sitting area in a separate room and a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi.  The cottage was probably the size of a studio apartment.  Naturally, we turned on the fireplace and the TV and snuggled up on the bed to watch a movie.   It was very romantic and I could feel the stress of the week start to fade away.

The next morning, breakfast was served at 9am.  We got to meet the other 2 couples who were also from Northern Virginia.  The food was delicious.  We had planned on going horseback riding but discovered that the stables were closed for 2 weeks starting… of course… 2 days before we arrived.  Just our luck.  I was a little disappointed but we made alternate arrangements.  We decided to head into the village just up the road and walk along their greenway and then check out a really large art gallery that was in town.  We enjoy walking so that was nice but it was definitely too cold for us.  Although, our winter had been really, really mild up to now it got cold last Monday.  That was a shame.  I was really hoping that it would continue to be mild out for our wedding.  Anyways…. the walk was still nice despite the cold.  We also enjoyed walking around the gallery.  I have to admit that I was a little floored by the artwork.  For example, 6 bikes were compacted into a cube.  A bike flag was attached to the back and a basket to the front.  This was called art and was selling for 150$….hmmm…. It certainly was interesting but it was hard to justify paying 150$ for what amounted to junk.  We saw these really nice ballerinas.  They were made from wood cut to give you the impression of a ballerina with her hands over her head.  It was painted black.  Around her waist was attached beaten copper that represented her tutu.  1000$.  Definitely more artistic but still…

At this point, we were ready to go home.  This was a good thing because we needed to get ready for the ceremony.  The ceremony was held in the parlour or the main house in front of the fireplace.  They had music going in the background which I didn’t even notice until after.  I was calm… but I must have also been nervous because I was sweating.  We stood holding hands in front of the official during the whole ceremony.  Eduardo was serious like he was standing before a judge in court.  I think he was serious because he was concentrating on what the official was saying.  We had to speak out loud our vows to each other.  They were very nice and a bit nicer than the traditional ‘in sickness and health’.  I helped Eduardo a bit with his vows which I thought made the moment that much more special.  After the ceremony, they left us for a few minutes to talk.  In that moment, when I looked at Eduardo, I realized that I felt differently about him.  I looked at his face and he seemed so much more precious to me than he did earlier that day.  To some degree, that feeling still has not left me.  I can’t explain it.  We have the same life we had before the wedding but I feel differently about him.  After the ceremony, we posed for pictures indoors and out.  We have seen the pictures.  Some look really nice and others are not so nice.  We will definitely have some pictures that we can remember the day by.  After that, we drank the champagne and ate the little wedding cake.  We must have sat for 30 minutes in the parlour before deciding to return to our cabin.

We hung out for a couple of hours in the cabin.  I read, he napped.  At 5pm we left for our wedding dinner.  We ate at a beautiful restaurant that was really romantic.  We started out with lobster bisque and grilled garlic chicken skewers. The bisque was to die for.  I followed that up with a salad.  Eduardo tried it and hated it.  I liked it.  Our entrees were Port Wine Pork Tenderloin and Lump Crab cake.  Eduardo loved his tenderloin.  I also had a taste and thought it was wonderfully tender.  Neither of us was as impressed with the crab cakes.  We finished that off with chocolate cake.  The entire dinner was lovely and relaxing.  At the end, we couldn’t believe that we had spent 2.5 hours in the restaurant.  After, we went back to the cottage.  I am afraid that I fell asleep and Eduardo watched a movie.

In the morning, we realized that we had never used the Jacuzzi so we had an early morning bath.  It was delightful and a wonderful way to start the day.  The pear crisp they served for breakfast was to die for. YUM!!! After breakfast, we packed and headed out.  We stopped at Luray Caverns on our way home.  Sadly…. My camera decided that the brand new batteries in it weren’t brand new and it died after taking 3 pictures.  I was so terribly disappointed because the Caverns were beautiful and we wanted pictures to remember the caverns by.  By the time we left the Caverns it had started snowing.  Not a problem.  We would get home before it got too bad.  Ummm… no untruer words were ever spoken.  It took us 5 hours to make what should have been a 1.5 hour trip.  By the time I made it home, I was frazzled and stressed out from navigating what ended up being very icy roads for the last hour of our trip.  I was actually worried that we wouldn’t make it home safely from our wedding weekend. 

Snow, ice, cold and naughty camera aside… we had a wonderful weekend and both of us will remember it forever.   


4 responses to “The wedding

  1. It sounds so lovely.  I am very happy for the both of you.  I always imagined if I renewed my wedding vows that I would have a huge to-do, tons of guests, full blown reception, etc etc.  Your wedding has helped to change my mind.  Something quiet and intimate suits marriage better.  After all, marriage is about two people (not every person you have ever known).  Congratulations, again!
    HUGS, Jen

  2. Absolutely beautiful…… I am getting married in  4 months…. I wish that i did it the way that you two did…. what matters most~~ you and him! 

  3. Congrats!! I am getting married in a year and 8 months and with all the problems we have had with -of all people- his family I am wishing that we could do exactly what you did!! It sounds so romantic and centered on togetherness, I want that! Hmmmm maybe we could just secretly elope and have a stressless big to-do later. Where was this place??
    Anyway- Congrats and here is to you and Eduardo – may your days be filled with nothing but love and happiness!! ~clink of glasses~

  4. Congratulations! Your wedding day sounded wonderful!
    ~ FC

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