Bedtime stories are not for kids

Lat night was not a good night.  I was miserable and knew I would never get to sleep.  Sometimes,  if I am not feeling well at night or simply just wide awake for some strange reason, Eduardo will tell me a bedtime story.  Sometimes he will tell the story of our relationship but often times he tells me stories of Peru.  I have gotten to learn a lot about his family and where he grew up and went to school.  Last night, he told me the legend of  how the Incan Empire was started.  There is something about getting a little story (or sometimes not so little) that is very soothing even as an adult.  I think it also brings us a little closer to together as we linger for a few moments before we turn over and go to sleep.  We almost always sleep back to back, often fitted together so there is no space between us.  It is like our signal that our lingering is over and we need to get down to the business of sleeping.

2 responses to “Bedtime stories are not for kids

  1. This is incredibly sweet…
    ~ FC

  2. **Sigh**  What a nice way to drift off to dream land!

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