Week 2 of poison ivy

We are going into Week 2 of poison ivy and it isn’t any better than week 1.  Perhaps it is even worse because your patience is wearing thin and you just can’t stand the fact that your body has been itchy almost constantly for a week.  Some of the initial blotches are not itchy any more.  But never fear… new blotches have been popping up for a week and they are itchy as hell.  In particular, my legs have been bothering me a lot.  Last night, I actually ended up in tears because my legs were not only itching but burning so badly I couldn’t stand to let anything touch them.  I have seen pictures of people who have had a worse reaction than I, but this is my worst yet.   What totally makes me mad is that all the people who were actually working in it don’t have a fraction of the reaction that I have.   I am almost out of medication and I don’t have the time to take off work to go to a doctor.  We have to leave early to go to an appointment tomorrow so I may try to do a walk-in at my doctor’s office afterwards.  It is not like this is complicated stuff.  So… end result… my poor honey has started his marriage with a grumpy spouse.


On another note….


This weekend was PACKED!  We went out Saturday afternoon for a lunch with some friends of Eduardo’s.  We went to a wonderful Lebanese restaurant that I have been wanting to try for a while.  YUM!!! I love Lebanese food and there are not very many places around that serve it.  It was Eduardo’s first time tasting it and he loved it to.  Both of us agreed that the stuffed grape leaves was our least favourite.   It never has been a favourite of mine.  After that, we went out to a birthday party of another of Eduardo’s friends.   We didn’t get back until the wee hours of the morning.   The next morning I woke up for church and Eduardo left to help a friend move.  We discovered the day before at lunch that she was moving and there was just her, her mother and another male friend helping her.  I suggested to Eduardo that perhaps we should help her because Ofer was not going to be enough muscle power to help her.  So he did.  After church, I headed down to help out.  I can’t really lift anything heavy so I ended up spending a good part of the day entertaining Ofer’s 3 year old daughter, Noah.  She is such a cutie.  At three years old, she already knew the concept of make-up and believed that she needed make-up on her eyes.  There is no way that little girl needed make-up of any type.  She had the cutest, most adorable brown eyes with incredibly long lashes combined with lovely light brown skin with curly, soft brown hair.  She had a button nose and a wonderful smile that lit up her whole face.  All of us were telling her that she was beautiful and she didn’t need makeup.  Considering that she spent 8 hours between the old and new apartments having to entertain herself (along with her designated adult companion), she was amazingly sweet tempered.  She only cried once.


We finally got home at like 7pm on Sunday to make some chili con carne for Eduardo’s lunches.   I was kind of lazy and simply adapted a recipe that I found in a book without bothering to find a better one.   The recipe I found didn’t seem to have the right balance of meat to tomatoes to kidney beans.  They wanted to put 2lbs of beef with 1 28oz of tomatoes and 1 16oz of kidney beans.  WHAT????? That is a lot meat in comparison to the rest of the items.  I ended up putting in twice as much tomatoes and kidney beans as the recipe called for.  That seemed to make something more like I was used to seeing when I made it many years ago.  It also seemed a little light on the chili powder too.  I will find out today if he likes it.  I hope so because there is nothing else in the house for him to eat for lunch.


2 responses to “Week 2 of poison ivy

  1. Wow.  I can’t believe you still have it!!!  I’ve never had poison ivy so aside from the lotion stuff, i wouldn’t know what to do!!!  Congrats on the wedding.  I am glad you are happy.
    Take care.  and I wonder why your internet crashes when it gets to my site!!!  you aren’t the first person to say that!  Strange.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the poison ivy. I’ve been there and have done that. It sucks… I sympathize with you.
    Hugs,~ FC

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