Good News/Bad News

Which would you like first?
How about I give you the bad news first so I can get my rant out of the way??
I am starting to hate Chevy Chase.  I bank at Bank of America.  He banks at Chevy Chase.  We decided to set up a joint account at Chevy Chase for a variety of reasons.  One reason was not because I didn’t like Bank of America.  For my banking habits, Bank of America is perfect. So… I just discovered that Chevy Chase is holding his pay cheque for 7 days before they will release the money to us.  WTF????? Don’t you think that is a little excessive to verify funds? Even when I cash an out-of-country cheque at Bank of America, they only hold it for 6 days.  THAT I can understand… it is a foreign cheque.  Needless to say, the joint account is broke because we are just starting up the joint funds.  We need the money we deposit in there right away until we get a chance to build up the account with a few pay cheques.  The direct deposit has not yet changed over to the joint so my account is going to get my next pay cheque.  I am going to have to go over to my bank, withdraw my pay cheque – IN CASH – so I can deposit it in our joint account.  If I wrote a cheque on my account, we wouldn’t see the money for a week after I got paid.  This is totally ridiculous and is making me gnash my teeth in frustration.
And a further rant about Chevy Chase Bank.  If I use my debit card as a debit card, they charge me 25cents.  If I use it as a credit card… its free.  WTF???? What is all that about.  Then they say to me, "Everybody does that." Umm… NO!  Bank of America has never charged me a dime to use it as a debit card.  Believe me… I would know about it.   I go over my statements and I would have been asking about a 25cent charge. 
And after saying I didn’t have time to go to the doctors for my poison ivy… I ended up at the doctor’s office today.  Why you ask?  Certainly not because it is getting better.  It has gone to a whole new level of worse.  I now have a big red spot on my lower back/side that is about 6 inches tall and 1 foot long.  It goes from my spine to the front of my body.  *sigh*  The doctor says that I am somehow being re-exposed to the poison ivy and it is starting back up again.  They have given me some oral medication that should fix me up in about 3 days.  I have the job of washing all our clothes and sheets and couch covers and everything in order to try to get rid of the oils that is obviously floating around and getting back onto my skin.  I am totally tired of itching and hurting all the time.
And the good news….
Yesterday, I saw my first bald eagle.   I was driving over to Eduardo’s work to pick him up and he flew across the road and into a tree.  Wow!  That is one huge bird.  On the way back we saw a falcon sitting in a tree.
We have finally resolved the problem we had right before we got married.  I knew the problem wasn’t difficult and it wasn’t.  The solution was so simple that it boggled my mind and made me wonder, "how incompetent was that guy?"  He made things so difficult and so adversarial between us that we almost split up over it.  Sometimes the level of someone’s incompetency is enough to make you question how they ever got their job to begin with.
And now for something mushy….
On the weekend, we had to get gas.   It was very cold out so I was teasing Eduardo about getting the gas for me.  Eduardo has never filled up here so doesn’t really know how to do it.  So he came out with me to get a lesson on filling up the car.  So I am standing there with the handle in my hand filling up my tank and Eduardo puts his arms around because I am shaking with the cold.  How sweet!!  We stood chest to chest with his arms around me keeping me warm while I filled the tank.  I am sure that everyone must have thought we were nuts.  I was just thinking about how warm he was actually keeping me. 

2 responses to “Good News/Bad News

  1. That bank is crazy… 25 cents to use the card as debit?!?!  And the hold on the paycheck?  That is way out there. With those outdated policies, I would be surprised if they had ever even heard of on line banking! 
    Aren’t Bald Eagles majestic?  There is a birds of prey sanctuary near my house and they have a huge eagle aviary.  They make the funniest squeaky sounds considering how big they are!  🙂

  2. At first when you said you hated Chevy Chase I thought you meant the actor!!!    I have actually had probs with Bank of America (aka BofA).  Never used Chase bank thought except for a credit card.  HOpe it all works out and you stop itching soon!~REy

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