Totally overwhelmed

I realize that my life is not that hard by any stretch of the imagination.  Many others have it worse than I.  That may put things in perspective but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel totally overwhelmed by what is going on in my life.  I feel like I am drowning in things I need to do.
There is the poison ivy thing.  Both Eduardo and I have broken out again.  Supposedly, this means that we have been re-exposed to the poison ivy in some manner.  We threw out his boots.  We are now washing anything that might have come in contact with the poison ivy and might not have been previously washed and washing things that might once again been contaminated because we had missed something before.  Jackets, clothes, door mats, couch covers, all sheets and comforters, hats and mitts.  We have done so much laundry over the last two weeks that it has been totally ridiculous.  I feel like it is just one more thing adding to the mountain of things I already need to do.
There are our taxes.  For some reason that I don’t totally understand, Eduardo was advised not to pay any federal income tax.  He said it was something to do about paying child support for his children.  This either means we owe a bunch of money to the government or his taxes are going to be a whole lot more complicated than I thought they would be.  For the first time, I also need to deal with itemizing my taxes because I now own a house.  I am so overwhelmed that I don’t even want to start the process.  On the other hand… I have no desire to pay a couple of hundred dollars to a tax preparer to do something that I am totally capable of doing if I simply apply myself.
Some things, I don’t feel free to talk about.  These are the biggest issues that require the most time commitment and money from us to resolve.  I am not looking forward to starting the time investment in resolving these issues.  There are so many things to do, I am totally overwhelmed and can’t even seem to get started on the first item… let alone the 50th.
And then I need to straighten out the situation with the guy who didn’t perform his duties to our satisfaction.  I have no desire to call him and tell him that I don’t want to pay the full fee for his service.  I didn’t get the service I asked for therefore it is not worth the full price he is charging.  I hate confrontation.
There are the little things like the dentist, eye doctor and doctor’s appointments to make and then take him to.  I know… these are really such minor things.
I feel like I have this teeny, tiny little life preserver to keep me safe from the big bad waves of the ocean.  I probably need to sit down with Eduardo and make this list and then start ticking off the things as we accomplish them.

One response to “Totally overwhelmed

  1. My taxes are quite straightforward, so it may not work as well for you, but I swear by the tax software.  I have used Intuit’s and H&R Block’s and both have served equally well.  It could be that they have a wizard for just the tax scenario you are facing and they would walk you through it easy-peasy.  Here’s hoping anyways!
    And it is not that expensive, I think it was $60 for federal and one state, and I can’t remember if that included the cost of e-filing with the IRS or not, but if it didn’t, e-filing is only $10-$20, somewhere in that neighborhood.
    Best of luck!
    HUGS -Jen

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