The little things

Its funny how the little things can totally kill you.
I went out to the car to get ready to go to the bank.  I needed to deposit money into my personal account so I can write a cheque to pay off my credit card.  I realized while I was talking to Eduardo that I had left the piece of paper with the amount of money that the joint account owed me in the office.  I stepped out of the car, locked the car… with the keys in it.
Some guys at the office tried to help me open it to no avail.  My house keys are locked in the car, my spare car keys are at home but the spare house key is with Eduardo.  I never got around to giving him a spare car key.  Not because I didn’t think he should have one… he doesn’t drive and I figured the only thing it would be useful for was if I never got locked out.  THAT hasn’t happened in the last 5 years so I suppose I didn’t think there was any hurry to make sure he got one.  To get the house keys from Eduardo, go home and come back to work is 1.5 hours.  Not exactly something you can ask a co-worker to do for you.
125$ to get a locksmith.  They sure know how to get you when you are down.  I called Eduardo to tell him this.  He actually called a friend to ask him if he was working.  If he wasn’t… could he pick him up at work, get me, drive us home then drive us back to work.  His friend will do that after he finishes work at 3pm.  What a nice guy!!!  So once again… my husband is my hero.
But it adds to my feeling of being totally overwhelmed by life.  I don’t even know how I can explain how this one little thing can possibly be dragging me down when people have so many worse troubles than I.   I am just not rolling with the punches lately.  That is always something I need to work on and usually I do reasonably well but sometimes… those punches just knock me down and I can’t seem to get back up easily. 

5 responses to “The little things

  1. First off, did you try washing the cat?  the cat rubs up against you guys adn anything else you touch…wash the cat, too.
    sorry about locking the keys in the car thing.  it’s a bummer for sure.  I completely understand about being overwhelmed.  Tis the season, I guess.
    Try and have a good weekend. 

  2. This situation is exactly why they have the cliche – "The straw that broke the camel’s back".  I prescribe soothing backrubs with aromatherapy essential oils.  🙂
    I hope you have a nice calm weekend and a better week next week.
    HUGS!  -Jen

  3. I know how that goes. I’m glad you were able to get help in a pinch though!
    Hugs,~ FC

  4. Hi, Billie:  Hang in there!   I locked Hunter in the car when he was 2 weeks old, thought I was going to have a stroke!  Since then, I started carrying my keys on a lanyard I can wear around my neck, and it is AWESOME!  I put them around my neck whenever I get out of the car, which leaves my hands free for bags, children, books, whatever, and then I hang them up when I get inside.  I wear them around my neck when I’m in a store or wherever so when I get back to the car I know right where they are… it’s the only thing that works and I haven’t locked my keys in my car since.  Nor have I ever lost them, which used to happen on a regular basis.
    As far as a gift for a little girl EXACTLY the same age as Amelia, 🙂 , Hello Kitty stuff is popular, and dress up clothes are starting to be fun as well.  We bought her a Loving Family doll house, and we haven’t seen her since!  Babies are also good… they love to be little mothers.  Having said that, Amelia loves a good dump truck just as much as Hunter does.  Ha ha
    Have  agood day!

  5. Ugh. I hate days like that. I think, once I get in a funk and feel like everything is going wrong, that it makes MORE stuff go awry. I’ve learned to just lock myself in the house, crawl into the bed, and pull the covers over my head until my attitude gets better! Hahaha. I know that’s not very practical….but effective!

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