Random thoughts

What has happened these last few days?


Car is unlocked.  We took his friend out for dinner at a restaurant that he loves.  The three of us got dinner for a fraction of the price of Mr. Locksmith and we got to spend a couple of hours catching up with a friend of his.  The good news is that I participated in a Spanish conversation for 2 hours with his friend.  I am so proud of myself!!!!  Eduardo didn’t seem to be as psyched about that feat as I was.


We got woken up early on Saturday morning to a phone call telling us the baby shower for a friend of a friend was at 5pm at such and such a place.  This necessitated that we head out to buy a gift.  We ended up buying a baby toy for the shower.  We went to the shower and it was very interesting.  Hispanic people serve food at EVERY event.   I don’t think I have been a baby shower (outside of ones that deliberately coincided with our church fellowship meal) that served an actual meal.  It was a traditional Peruvian dish which was nice.  They played a couple of games and naturally she opened presents.  I felt so bad for some of the gift givers.  She received multiples of several presents: 4 change tables, 2 bath kits, 2 sounds and lights and 3 baby bouncers.  I didn’t watch all of the gift unwrapping so perhaps there were more duplicates than I saw.  What I also discovered is that clothes are very important to Hispanics so a lot of clothes were given and only a few toys(maybe 3 or 4?) were given.  Eduardo said this was why he agreed with the toy because he knew that there would be very little chance that someone else would give the same gift.  We spent quite a while there despite both of us agreeing that we didn’t want to spend much time there.


On Sunday, we ended up going out to look at gifts for his children.  His daughter’s birthday was Saturday and his son’s is in June or July.   A friend of his said that she will take some things with her for the kids when she leaves for Peru at the end of the month.  Naturally, we are taking her up on this offer. I noticed this as Christmas… he is very, very particular about what he buys his children.  This is _not_ a bad trait.  I know this is not a bad trait but when you have spent almost 2 hours at the toy store trying to pick out the PERFECT gifts, you start to wish that he was less of a perfectionist.  This perfectionist trait might have also added to his frustration of trying to find me the perfect Christmas gifts.  We picked out 5 toys in total – 2 for the little girl and 2 for the boy and 1 that we figure they will probably share.  All are bilingual and almost all of them have some type of verbal component to help them with what the sounds/words are like in English.  Their mother doesn’t speak English – makes sense since she lives in a Spanish-speaking country – so she would not be able to help them with pronunciation.  I don’t know if his friend will take all of the gifts.  If not, we have a head start on Christmas.


We had really wanted to have a relaxing weekend together because last weekend was so packed.  I don’t know if we accomplished that.  I think we did to some degree but the weekend still flew by so fast that I feel like I didn’t really have a weekend.  We also did other things like laundry and cleaning up and dishes and so on – the usual things that we do on the weekend.  We also watched a movie called ‘The Ant Bully’.  I think it is a very good children’s movie and would highly recommend it for children and the young at heart.


Poison ivy seemed to be at bay – more or less.  I think Eduardo had a few more new spots but I am staying new spot free.   I think I am almost at the point of being able to take just 2 pills a day so no more having to set the alarm for the middle of the night to take pills at regular intervals.  Woohoo!!!  My skin is still very sensitive in spots but that too is going away.  Yippee!!! I can finally say that I am potentially no longer sick.  I ran yesterday in the gym and also ran outside on Sunday.  Running outside is tortuous.  I ran less than when I ran in the gym but I swear I just about dropped dead on the spot from the cold air going in and out of my lungs.  It felt like my lungs were getting ripped out and after we stopped… I was so tired and had such a huge headache that I had to lie down when we got to the house.  I have never had that problem when I run in the gym. 


IT IS COLD OUT!!!!!!  According to the news last night, today is one of three days in the last 10 years that the temperature has dropped below 10degreesF.  I have only lived here for 10 years… so yes… this feels a little unusual for me.  Yesterday, was one of the other 3 days.  It is supposed to gradually get warmer.  I sure hope so because I hate this cold weather.  My car felt like it was going to seize up in the steering wheel or something this morning as we crawled out of the parking lot.  Ok… so it got just 1 minute of warm-up.  That is 1 more minute than I usually give it! 


I would also like to get an explanation of why the light at the end of my street doesn’t always turn green.  We drive the same day 5 days a week at almost the same time (within 5 minutes) and have done so since the end of September.  The light at the end of my street changes every 2 minutes on the dot.  Lately, oh… about once a week…  it forgets to go green.  This morning, it forgot to go green.  We waited 4 minutes for it to change.  We were getting late for work.  I pulled out of the left hand turn land into the right hand turn lane, turned right, pulled a U-turn about 100 ft down the street at a left-hand turn with no light into a complex and drove back the other way.  Light was STILL RED!!!!  I have no idea how long those other people waited.  We just made it to our rendezvous point with like 1 minute to spare but at a speed much faster than I like to drive.   I am pretty strict about driving within 5 miles of the speed limit.  Call me lame… but cops are out in force around here and I am not getting caught speeding.


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