Hello?!?!?!? Anyone home?

That was me at 6:30am while I am being forced out of my lane and wondering if he is going to force me off the road.
So I am driving down the road.  Ahead of me, a large work truck turns onto the road from a side road into the lane to the right of me.  I drive on through the green light staying in my own lane and catch up to this excelerating truck next to me.  I am beside him but not in front of him.  I can still see his left front tire.  I notice that it is riding the white line and I wonder if maybe he is crowding me because of snow.  Just as I am thinking that, I see him cross the white line.  I toot my horn to warn him that I am there expecting him to move back into his lane.  To my surprise… THE GUY TOOTS HIS HORN BACK AND MOVES OVER INTO MY LANE FORCING ME INTO THE NEXT LANE!!!!  WTF????  Never in my entire life have I had someone actually toot their horn to indicate that they are moving over and maybe I should be getting out of the way.  Is this some kind of accepted American road custom that I haven’t been clued into yet??? Luckily, despite the fact that this is usually a busy road, there is nobody next to me and slamming on the brakes would not have allowed me to miss the guy because I couldn’t possibly have stopped fast enough for him to miss the front of my car.   So I am now one lane over further to the left and since I had slowed down a little, I am not directly to the side of the truck. But then, I discover the guy is STILL MOVING OVER.  There is nowhere left to go except into oncoming traffic or hitting the brakes.  Meeting oncoming traffic was not in my list of things to do on the way to work so I decide to slam on brakes instead.  Once I do that, the guy decides he didn’t actually want that far lane after all and drives off down the middle lane.
And I start the day pissed.  Now that I think about it.  I feel sorry for Eduardo.  He is nervous sometimes riding in the car because he has been in two accidents (as a passenger) and was probably sitting there petrified in the passenger seat while I was trying to avoid this asshole.
And I was singing the praises of being healthy far too soon.  I woke up this morning with a cough, sore throat and headache.  ARGH!!!!! Am I cursed??
Tomorrow, I will work on creating an uplifting blog entry.  

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