Please give me a break

I am not asking for a million dollars or a fancy home or a big car or anything of the sort.  All I want in a break from my string of bad luck over the last 6 months to a year.
Today I discovered that Eduardo and I managed to forget our cheque book at the bank last night when we deposited his cheque.  We called this morning and the cheque book is nowhere to be found.  Incredibly enough, Chevy Chase wants 30$ per cheque to do a stop payment.  Given that we had only written a few cheques from that cheque book, that is about 600$.  Our other choice is to close the account.  This is likely what I am going to do.  I know that the cheque book is not in the house or anywhere else.  The deposit slip is in my purse so I know that if I ALSO had the cheque book in my hand at that moment, it would have ended up in my purse too.  I think we had already left it at the little cheque writing counter after we copied down the account number.
So I called the place back that has one of my cheques to ask her not to cash it in case we had to close the account.  I guess one is already outstanding on the account so we will have to leave that money in there until the cheque clears.  And then I get to redo my direct deposit and get more cheques and so on and so forth. *sigh*
I really don’t want anything more than just to be left in peace to live. 

4 responses to “Please give me a break

  1. 😦
    I hope that it all worked out in the end.  Maybe this is a sign from God to go back to the other bank?
    Hang in there!  -Jen

  2. BIG bummer!  I hope it all turned out.  Thinking of you~Rey

  3. Lucinda ... cindi, too

    …that really is a bummer.  Sorry to hear about your misfortune … take care

  4. Hope you’re well..Have a great day~Rey

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