Happy Valentine’s Day

We had an interesting Valentine’s Day to say the least.   We ended up going into work late because of this big snow/ice storm that rolled in on the 13th.  We were up at 6am, so it wasn’t like we got to sleep in but we didn’t go anyways.  The roads were still covered in snow/ice.  It was still freezing rain and it was dark!  We ended up leaving mid-morning.  It was just as well we didn’t try to leave earlier because it took 3 people to push my car out of its parking spot.
And on the way back in to the house… we have to shovel our way INTO a parking spot.  I kid you not.  The snow that was lying in the parking spots was so hard that you couldn’t get through it.  The car just simply stopped when you hit it.  So there is a single parking spot in our condo complex that is shovelled.  If they don’t snow plow the condo today…. we will likely have to shovel another spot tonight.  Somehow, I doubt that our nicely shovelled spot will stay empty for long.  And since our car can’t get into any of the spots with snow in them, we will be likely be doing a lot of shovelling over the next couple of days until it melts.
So we shovelled our spot out then helped out another girl that was stuck trying to get out.  We have actually met several people that live in our complex since the storm started.  Everybody seems very friendly.  Afterwards, we took our now basically cold takeout food and enjoyed it with a bottle of wine.  After dinner, we watched a really good movie called "Love Actually".  I highly recommend it!!!!
It was a quiet evening that we enjoyed very much.

2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. glad you are safe and sound.  i cannot imagine that much snow.  being from texas and all, it seems almost an impossibility to drive in such conditions.  when we get "ice storms" here in texas they shut down the city and stay home from work…guess it’s a bit different when you’re from a place that snows all the time….~rey

  2. ((Hugs)) Same to you hun…
    ~ FC

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