My car is thinking….

"Thank you Lord that it didn’t snow until Sunday."
Yes indeed, my car is a happy car.  The reason why it is a happy car is that it didn’t not get hit with a falling tree.
Monday through Friday, we normally park at the sign that says "Front end parking only" or in one of the two spots next to it.   We usually do groceries on Saturday which prompts me to park closer to the condo so we don’t have to carry those groceries quite as far.  So Saturday, as per our usual schedule, we went out grocery shopping and parked about 6 or 7 spaces closer to the condo entrance. 
Yesterday afternoon, a tree cracked in half and landed in our parking lot… right on the parking spots around the "front end parking only" sign.  It would have landed square on our car had if of been in its usual parking spot.  If it had of snowed on Saturday, our car would have been parked there… and it probably would be a crushed little car instead of the wonderfully whole car that it still is.
So, Lord… thank your for holding off the snow until Sunday morning.  My owners appreciated it very much.

One response to “My car is thinking….

  1.  Did you dodge a bullet!! modern Cars do not take that sort abuse well. Now my ’59 Olds….that was a tank!!! It did battle with a semi, rolled into the house once, Was sideswiped by an old man who claimed I was in his blind spot….do you know how big a ’59 old is?????? That was a super huge blindspot, geez!!! But the time the storm came thru and the tree inthe driveway fell on it was when it showed what it was made of….I just got in The Beast and drove out from under the tree!!! it just scratched her up a bit!!! Now that was a car!!!!

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