The weekend

This was a good weekend.  One of the best since our wedding. 
Friday night, I picked up Eduardo from work.  We headed into Manassas and walked around Old Town.  Unfortunately, most of the shops closed by 5pm on a Friday.  I couldn’t understand that!  We went into a little gourmet food shop that was very interesting.  We ended up buying two bottles of wine.  One called Blushing Dog from Chateaux Morrisette.  This is a local winery that has excellent wine.  We like two other wines of theirs – Black Dog (red wine) and Our Blue Dog (white wine).  I think you could say that we consider it ‘our’ wine.  To go along with the pet motif, we also selected a white wine from Portugual called "Gateo" (for cat) that we had never tried before.  After that, we went to Guapos and had some Peruvian style chicken.  I think we both decided that we had had better chicken at a different place.
Saturday was a quiet day and we did very little.  We did so little that I can’t even remember what we did.  In the morning, we went running.  Eduardo was really missing Peruvian food so we looked through Peruvian recipes and selected a Minestrone to try to make.  Let’s just say that if you think that we had the tomato-based Italian-style Minestrone – think again.  I can’t even describe how this soup tastes but nothing like I have ever tasted before.  And it is not red – it is yellow.  We made up the grocery list and went shopping.  We also watched the movie Sahara together.  After that, I watched a movie called Fire Serpent while he listened to music or videos on his computer.
Sunday was a BUSY day.  We got up and took a walk through the snow.  It was snowing quite heavily and we ended up quite wet but I loved it.  I love walking through the snow.  After that, we had a late breakfast and started cooking.  We cooked for like 4 hours then cleaned on top of that.  We made muffins for our breakfast.  We made Barbeque Bundles for his lunch (ground beef surrounded by Pilsbury dough).  We made Chicharrones with potatoes for a late lunch.  And then we made the Minestrone.  That actually took us quite a while but we got it done.  Afterwards, the two of us vaccuumed and cleaned the bathroom.  While he took a shower, I finished cleaning up the kitchen.  We sat down to watch a movie in Spanish.  After the movie was over, I whipped up some delicious corn bread to go with the soup and we ate supper.  We also watched End of Days.  We had seen it before but I wanted to see it again.  I continued watching some more TV while he played on his computer.
Unfortunately, the weekend ended badly in the sense that I discovered that my allergic reaction to my annual exam turned into an infection.  Safeway only had Monistat brand.  I, in a moment of desperation said to myself… "As long as I stay away from those ovules, and the one day cure, I will be fine" Umm… yeah…. It doesn’t matter what form that medication comes in…. it burns so much that I was crying about 1/2 hour after I applied it and ended up going to the washroom several times to try to wipe it off.  I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I have 2 more nights of this…. Yippee!!!!  Something to look forward to.
So today… I am totally exhausted and not prepared to start my week.

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