The torture is almost over

Torture #1 – the root canal
Disaster appears to be averted.   He says that it rarely hurts him – like once a day or every other day.  We are going to consult with our dentist to see if we can get away with not dealing with the retreatment until next year.  This leaves us with the crown and his cavities.
Torture #2
Taxes.  I delved into taxes for last year.  I am miraculously receiving money back.  In fact, despite reducing my taxes paid by increasing my deductions,  I am receiving more money back than I have ever received since I started filing American tax returns.  Usually, I get 100 or 200$ back as a refund… not enough to get excited about and several years I have paid substantial amounts.  This is my lucky year and I am thankful that I am getting a little windfall.  Eduardo, on the other hand, is going to pay because he was advised to not pay federal withholding by someone.  I am not clear who that someone is – but he/she was an idiot. 
Next weekend, I am going to write out the good copy of the tax forms to send in to the IRS.  Can’t wait to get that monkey off my back.  I spent a month procrastinating on this task and as always it wasn’t nearly as onerous a task as my imagination made it out to be.  I swear, half the battle is just starting a task.  I don’t know how many times I said… I will do that later… because my mind imagined that a 5 minute task would take 30 minutes and I simply wasn’t up to it at that moment.  I need to get rid of that attitude!
Torture #3 Banning cats from the bedroom
Almost a week after deciding that we no longer wanted the cats in the bedroom, Timmie has finally decided that she no longer needs to meow all night.  We decided to ban the cats because Harmony would often get us before 6am playing with the blinds.  If it wasn’t Harmony waking us up, Timmie was waking me up by wanting to snuggle.  I am sorry but there simply isn’t enough room for Eduardo, myself and a fat cat in a double bed.   We had also decided that we wanted less cat fur where we were sleeping.  Every single night since that decision, Timmie has spend the better part of the night meowing – wanting to get back into the bedroom.  Last night was the first night that she made only a token protest at about 4:30 in the morning.  Sadly, it didn’t mean that I got any more sleep than the other 5 or 6 nights.  Eduardo decided that he needed ALL of the covers last night… multiple times.  He was restless and EVERY SINGLE TIME that he rolled over… the covers went with him.  In fact, once, he rolled over and took all the covers and squished them between his legs leaving me without a single scrap.  ARGH!!!!  Then he grumbles in his sleep when I rip them out from under him.   Jokingly, I asked him this morning if I needed to ban him from the bedroom now.  
Hopefully by April we will be moving into a period of relative calmness.  Both of us have been wanting to reclaim our weekends.  This weekend in particular seems to have went by in a blur.  Why can’t the work week go like that??

One response to “The torture is almost over

  1. I have questions…You are now paying American taxes? Where are you originally from??
     Am glad the tooth problem is coming along….it will be over soon!!
     And we had the same problem with our cats….1 double bed, two adults and three cats. One cat sucked his toe all night long!!! That was very annoyin’!! So we shut them in their room…the cat room is our utility room where their litter box is…Roy would tell them to go to bed and Monster and George would go with no problem but Scooter would not go on his own. He had to taken out! Then 3 years ago we got a king size bed…and they started sleeping with us again. Monster had out grown sucking his toe. Now we have the kittens….which are now almost 1 year old…..there are 3 of them! Last year I bottle fed them as their mother had been killed. They didn’t even have their eyes open yet. I am the only momma that they have known so I could given them up. So we have 6 cats. They do not sleep with us. And it isn’t becuz we don’t have room…they just like to play with Momma all night long.
     Give it some time….all things work out in time!!

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