True love is….

getting your sandwich made exactly like you want it.
We have started a new schedule of work.  I wake up 10 minutes earlier to take a shower.  Because I am taking a shower, Eduardo finishes making our lunches.  This means that after I drop off Eduardo at his pick-up point, I can go directly to work rather than to the gym to shower.  This lets me leave work 30 minutes earlier which in turn takes 15 to 20 minutes off our daily commute.  We get home about an hour earlier than we used to when he was getting a ride in the mornings and afternoons.
It took a couple of tries of explaining how I like my sandwich made before Eduardo got the hang of it but he now makes the perfect sandwich.  This morning, I even heard him whistling as he was doing our lunches.  This is a little TOO much cheer in the morning for me but it still warmed my heart.
And that is true love in my little world.

2 responses to “True love is….

  1. That sounds incredibly sweet…
    ~ FC

  2. Now that is TRUE LOVE… I am still trying to convince my other that I like my PB&J with PB on both sides of the bread and the J in the middle….

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