The time change

For some reason, the time change is kicking my ass.  I have been so tired this week that it has been unbelievable.  I wanted to take a nap at work and almost fell asleep on the way to pick up Eduardo.
And Chevy Chase is still managing to piss me off.   Remember how I lost a booklet of cheques (at their bank no less)?  I did the stop payment for 45 cheques.  The bank in their infinite wisdom did a stop payment on all cheque numbers (from 0 to infinity) on my account so it would not have been possible to cash any cheques on my chequing account.  That rather defeats the purpose of a chequing account doesn’t it?????  I found this out because I was wondering why my mortgage payment hadn’t yet come out of my account.   It was being returned to the mortgage company as Insufficient funds.   THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!  They managed to reverse that but I discovered they bounced another cheque for insufficient funds.  This all happened last week.
This week…. THEY ARE STILL PISSING ME OFF!!!!  Chevy Chase requires you to make your online bill payment 4 days – YES 4 days – before the payment is due.  Explain to me why they need 4 days when Bank of America needs 2????  Not a problem if you remember 4 days before the due date that you need it pay it… right??? WRONG!!!!!! You need to remember at least 5 days in advance in case Chevy Chase’s online banking is down FOR THE ENTIRE EVENING.  Thats right.  We tried for 5 hours to get to Chevy Chase’s site to pay the credit card.   They weren’t up so I couldn’t pay until today and my payment will be going in one day late.   Sadly, this is not the first time that Chevy Chase has prevented me from paying bills.  I have only been with them for 2 months… how often is their online banking not going to be available???  In the several YEARS – not months – that I have been paying bills with Bank of America, they have been down like 2 or 3 times.
As soon as the joint chequing account can be moved over to Bank of America?  We are there! 
OK… rant over.

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